what is the daily-ish email?

This is paul wheaton's daily-ish email that is usually about permaculture and making a better world through learning good things rather than being angry at bad guys.

what does daily-ish mean?

I send one of these email thing-a-ma-bobs whenever I'm damn good and ready. About every other day. Sometimes a week will pass with nothing and then I send two in one day. Pretty much whenever I think I have some stuff that is substantial enough to share.

free stuff

As part of my devious plots on world domination, I wish to build a massive army. And by "army" I mean people signed up for my daily-ish email. To meet this nefarious goal, I have set up free stuff. We'll try to set up a new free thing to give away every week or two. And people who are already signed up will also get the free thing. There's free stuff we give to everybody, like ebooks or online videos, and then there are free things we give away just a few copies of (usually four copies) like actual paper books and physical DVDs and tickets to workshops or conferences.

(this is the face I make when someone asks me to smile for the camera)

stuff we are giving away now

Rocket Mass Heater Plans: 6" Annex Variation

If you sign up for the dailyish email right now, you will get the most popular Rocket Mass Heater design plans on the market, The 6" Annex Variation!


Rocket Mass Heater Owner's Operation and Maintenance Manual

This manual includes sample drawings, fill-in-the-blank areas for site-specific details, operation and maintenance logs, and standard instructions for how to light, clean, and maintain the heater.


Two Willie Smits' presentations from last year's Permaculture Voices Conference!


Rocket Mass Heater Podcast Gob

stuff we might give away in the future

I am worried people will just unsubscribe after they get their free stuff, and well, that makes for quite a transient army, which I don’t want. So, if you stay signed up for the dailyish, here are some things we may be throwing your way in the near future.

  • Rocket Mass Heater Plans
  • Sketch-up Files for 8" Cast Core
  • Hugelkultur Micro-documentary
  • More Podcast Gobs
  • More Ebooks
  • Permaculture Presentations
  • Natural Building Plans
  • Permaculture E-courses

stuff we have given to everybody

stuff we have given to some people via this mailing list

4 Copies of EACH of these Books/DVDs:

  • 7 Ways to Think Differently
  • Ancestral Plants
  • The Art of Fermentation
  • The Bee-friendly Beekeeper
  • Bioshelter Market Garden
  • Botany in a Day
  • Common Threads
  • Compact Living
  • The Complete Biogas Hanbook
  • Cordwood Building
  • Creating a Life Together
  • Earth Ponds
  • The Earth Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book
  • Earth User's Guide to Teaching Permaculture
  • Eat Your Greens
  • Edible Forest Gardens - Volume 1
  • Edible Forest Gardens - Volume 2
  • Edible Landscaping With a Permaculture Twist
  • Edible Perennial Gardening
  • The Encyclopedia of Country Living
  • Farming the Woods
  • Grass-Fed Cattle
  • The Grazing Book
  • The Great Healthy Yard Project
  • Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making
  • Hunt Gather Grow Eat
  • Livestock Guardians
  • The Man Who Quit Money
  • The Natural Plaster Book
  • The People of Cascadia
  • Permaculture Design: A Step-By-Step Guide by Aranya
  • The Practical Cyclist
  • Pure Poultry
  • Raising Dough: The Complete Guide to Financing a Socially Responsible Food Business
  • The Resilient Farm and Homestead
  • Restoration Agriculture
  • Serious Microhydro
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Stand Up and Garden
  • The Thinking Beekeeper: A Guide to Natural Beekeeping in Top Bar Hives
  • The $50 and Up Underground House Book
  • Wild Fermentation
  • Wild Plants of Greater Seattle
  • Winter Harvest Cookbook
  •  Combined Underground House Workshop and Shelter Seminar DVD set
  • How to Make Your Own Emergency Home Battery Bank Video Pack
  • The Permaculture Orchard DVD


  • 4 Tickets to Darren Doherty’s online course Keyline Basics - Geometry
  • 2 Tickets to Dave Jacke’s workshop
  • 1 Ticket to Advanced Farm & Homestead Design Course
  • 1 Ticket to Financial Permaculture Workshop
  • 2 Tickets to Regenerative Farm Enterprise Planning Course
  • 1 Ticket to see Sepp Holzer in Austria
  • 2 Tickets to the Wofati Workshop
  • 1 Ticket to the Bullock Brother Farm Three Day Permie Course
  • 1 Ticket to a Rocket Mass Heater Workshop
  • 1 Ticket to a Community Conflict Workshop with Diana Leafe Christian
  • 1 Ticket to a 14 day PDC with Larry Korn

Random/Wacky Things We Have Given Away

  • 4 Huckleberry Pies
  • 4 Pre-made Seed Ball Bags
  • Wagner #10 Cast Iron Skillet

signing up

Now, how do you sign up? Just fill up the form below:

Wilbur the Calf

This space was blank and rather than take the time to fix the page so it wasn't blank, I just added this picture of wilbur the calf.

what does that giberish mean?

Permaculture stuff: I try to put out one new thing a day. A video, a podcast, an article, etc. Sometimes, I go a week or two without anything new. Sometimes I have three new things in one day.

PNW stuff: I find that I travel through Oregon, Washington and Idaho a lot. If I am going to be speaking or looking for video opportunities or just coming through an area, I'll post something here. I suspect that this is something where I won't post anything for a month or two, and then put out two or three posts in a week.

Missoula stuff: Since I live in Missoula, I have stuff to announce here a couple of times per week. It might be an announcement of a presentation I will be giving, or of a new video I have about something in Missoula, or an upcoming workshop I'm involved in.

World domination stuff: Learning how to get my message out more requires me to constantly learn - so sometimes I ask people "go to this website, click on X, and we'll see what happens when a bunch of us do that." While most of this sort of thing happens in the tinkering forum, some folks don't wanna check into the tinkering forum every day. So this makes for an easy way to let folks know that we are attempting to do something. I suspect that a month will pass without anything on this list - and then I'll send out one or two in a week.