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podcast 415 – Fall events follow up

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Paul and Jocelyn are at Warm Springs Creek in Idaho. They are enjoying the pools of warm to hot water that have been formed by people stacking boulders around the springs. They say that it has been a mad scramble over the last several weeks as they were getting ready for the Round Wood Timber […]

podcast 414 – The problem with batch box rocket mass heaters – Part 2

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Part 2 of the podcast picks up with Erica pointing out that most people learn only one way of starting a fire and use that for every fire they start. There are actually multiple different ways to lay and start a fire. Erica’s mother used to say “If you light the fire, it’s your fire […]

podcast 413 – The problem with batch box rocket mass heaters – Part 1

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Paul Wheaton, Kirk “Donkey” Mobert, Erica and Ernie Wisner with Fred Tyler and ant Jeremy in attendance discuss Allerton abbey and the batch box heater that is installed onsite. According to Paul, Allerton abbey is now about 96% complete, and the door has finally been re-installed. The new door is approximately 280 lbs. and opens […]

034 – Sepp Holzer Film Presentation Part 1

If aphids are on a plant are they a pest? From a permaculture standpoint, the aphids are decomposing plant material. The aphids indicate that that plant should not be there. Sepp Holzer maximizes diversification by randomly spreading seed. Plants that do not grow so we’ll need to be removed and the aphids help remove the […]

177 Hour PDC ATC

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177 Hours of VideoFrom the 2017 Permaculture Design Course and Appropriate Technology Course Buy It Now  Learn more Don’t Let Permaculture Overwhelm You. Learn from the Experts.With so much information about permaculture available today, it’s hard to know where to begin.Now, with the 2017 Permaculture Design and Appropriate Technology course, you can benefit from 177 hours […]

333 – Maddy Harland on Most Recent Issue of Permaculture Magazine Part 2

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Maddy Harland opens with a discussion on crop protection. Stephanie Hafferty work with Charles Dowding and his methods for no dig gardening. His core income is from gardening and selling salad to local restaurants. The article shares some of the real secrets of how to grow in raised bed systems and minimize pest damage without […]

302 – Interview With Diana Leafe Christian Part 1

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In this podcast Paul interviews Diana Leafe Christian, author of two books on community living, and editor of Communities magazine for fourteen years. Her basis of knowledge is her interaction with an extraordinarily large number of intentional communities – her current count is about 134 communities around the globe. She’s found that only a tiny […]

118 – How to Dive In to Permaculture

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Paul hosts listener Josiah Wallingford, advising him on the dive into permaculture. Before this, however, Paul speaks to listener comments expressing hopes for future podcast guests, styles and topics by suggesting that listeners follow Wallingford’s example and start their own RSS feed. Wallingford explains how an RSS (rich site summary) feed is a customizable web […]

043 – Gaia’s Garden chapters forward to 3

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Review of Gaia’s Garden. Paul and Jocelyn review the first three chapters of the book. The first edition came out in 2000 and the second edition came out in 2009. This podcast covers the forward and the first three chapters but the newer edition does not have a forward. Paul’s edition has a forward by […]

037 – Intentional community

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Paul and Jocelyn begin a conversation about all of the possibilities, downfalls and challenges of an intentional community Paul begins with underscoring that any community is about getting along whether it is where you live or on a forum like permies. He describes this podcast as a confluence of potentially helpful observations, beginning with being […]

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016 – Maddy Harland of Permaculture Magazine

In this podcast Paul interviews Maddy Harland who is the supreme ruler of Permaculture Magazine. Maddie starts off by describing her time with Sepp Holzer while visiting Portugal. She then explains the problems in the Iberian Peninsula. This area is very arid and very depopulated. Most people in this area are raising sheep and over […]