Getting Started: How to Market Permaculture Products

An Affiliate Product for the Planet

Though our mission is to change the world with permaculture, unfortunately, you can’t get much done without money. We want our products to not only support and grow our empire, but infect as many minds with the incredible ideas of permaculture along the way as possible.

Our affiliate program:

  • pays 40% commission for every sale
  • gives you the chance to spread positive influence, while making money
  • is linked to reliable, secure software
  • features unique, cutting edge products in the green industry

Here, we’ll get you started and make it easy for you to sell out products to as many people as possible.

What is permaculture?

First, the basics - understand what you’re selling.

Everything on this site is based on the concept of permaculture, which is the concept of basing gardening, home, and lifestyle off existing natural models - in other words, working with nature instead of against it.

The World Domination Gardening 3 DVD Set

We've put out a couple of products, which you can view the rest of here in our Scubbly affiliate account, but the one we're pushing the hardest right now and that will yield you the best commission is our World Domination Gardening 3 DVD set.

Relevant Niches and Angles

The great thing about permaculture? It applies to just about everything in our lives, so you can market it to virtually any audience:

  • Frugal living
  • Natural parenting
  • The green movement
  • Gardening
  • Homesteading
  • DIY
  • Preppers/survivalism
  • Working from home/entrepreneurship
  • Alternative lifestyle
  • Health and wellness

And the list goes on - if you have a blog, chances are you have an angle to sell these products to your readers.

Permaculture is gardening for the cheap and lazy, it’s a way to save the planet, it’s how you can bring your grocery bill down, feed your family healthier food, and peel your kids away from the TV - there are just so many ways you can make this relevant to your audience.

Marketing Permaculture Products

The key with being successful at marketing a niche like this that is still an up and coming term is to make it easy for everyone to understand. Point to the simple relevance of an item in the average person’s day to day life.

For example: The World Domination Gardening 3 DVD set:

  • Will save homeowners money on hiring contractors
  • For the environmentally conscious, provides an alternative to plastic pond liners
  • For the busy, gives them a way to keep water in their garden, without having to constantly water

It appeals to frugal, eco-friendly, busy DIYers that want to do some gardening. Use that to explain it to your audience in terms they can understand, and they’ll see the value in that purchase.

Affiliate Program Signup

Currently, we use a third party website called Scubbly to handle our affiliate program. Their software is reliable, so you never have to worry about missing your payout due to bugs or errors. You can learn more about their program and sign up here.


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