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About My Evil Empire

So you found the blog. And you can see some of the videos and podcasts.

I originally didn’t want to have a blog because I prefer the idea of community where a bunch of people exchange stuff. So I set up the permaculture forums. Blogs always struck me as “I am awesome and the rest of you are pissants. I’ll say stuff and you will all be permitted to comment on my awesomeness.” Whereas forums seem more like everybody is on equal footing. Anybody can start a new thread. On a blog, only I can start a new thread.

Then people asked me to start a podcast. At least 25 people. I didn’t wanna. Then lots of people did all kinds of stuff to help make it happen. I still didn’t wanna. The two most persuasive things I heard was that I don’t have to worry about quality and that people trust my opinion. So – feed my ego, and give me permission to be as obnoxious as I wanna be, and I don’t have to futz with editing. So the people that said they would do the technical legwork were true to their word. To have a podcast, apparently I need a blog and a whole bunch of other stuff. And now you know why I have a blog. I wanna thank Kane Jamison from Hood Web Management for setting up WordPress and all sorts of goofy tech stuff that is beyond my comprehension.

Other parts of my permaculture empire include:

permaculture videos

permaculture articles

permaculture podcast

permaculture forums


My bio: paul wheaton – permaculture guy