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a lil' taste

Plans Description

An L-shaped heated bench, using the rocket mass heater clean-burning and super-efficient wood burning technology. The '6' refers to diameter of heat-exchange ducting. This design provided the sole heat for an older Portland cottage/apartment of about 800 sf. Over 4 years, it used less than half a cord of salvaged wood per year (local arbor trimmings and building debris). The residents ran the fire 2 to 4 hours in ordinary cool, rainy weather, and up to 6-8 hours when the weather dropped below 20 F, for constant 24-hour warmth. In summer, the earthen bench was not heated, and instead helped keep the house cooler than it had been in previous years with no need for fans.

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6 Inch Rocket Mass Heater Plans - Annex Variation

the real deal

Here is a rocket mass heater built according to the 6 inch annex variation design plans. rocket mass heater complete