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    Fence Post Doughnuts

    Fair enough: doughnuts is probably a real stupid word here. But it's my invention and I can call it whatever I want! Pbpbpbpbpbttttt!!!!

    The problem:

    temporary fenceposts on really hard ground.

    The solution:

    a blob of concrete with a flat side and a hole in the middle for the post.

    How to:

    Dig some shallow bowls in a patch of dirt. Grease the end of some posts and stick them in the middle of the bowls (the grease keeps the concrete from sticking to the posts). Pour in some cheap concrete. Wait a few days. Pull the posts. Take the concrete blobs out and put em to use!

    A couple of the doughnuts in the pic have two posts. This is because some of our temporary fencing has a mesh fence already attached. So where the two ends join, there are two fence posts.


    These have proven to be so useful, I've made dozens of them. All fence posts go in in about 15 seconds or we use a doughnut. Now all fence posts always come out easily too!

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