154 – Maddy Harland Books

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Paul Wheaton and Maddy Harland of Permaculture Magazine talk about how many people they reach. They talk about Skeeter, aka Michael Pilarski. Maddy shares about a digital Permaculture Magazine app on iPads. They talk about printing on paper. Maddy talks about what will be in the next issue. They compare Permaculture Magazine to Permaculture Activist Magazine. Maddy has three new books: Designing Ecological Habitat: Creating a Sense of Place, Permaculture Design Step by Step Guide, and People in Permaculture Caring and Designing for Ourselves, Each Other, and the Planet. They talk about the permaculture concept of fair share, and the three permaculture ethics. Maddy shares about restoring an old Navy base into an educational center for permaculture. They are in the process of translating another Sepp Holzer book on water. They talk a bit about spirituality, in particular Sepp Holzer’s spirituality. They talk about DVDs put out, including Natural Swimming Pools and Ben Law‘s Roundwood Timber Framing.
Discussing the podcast.