162 – Berms and Cherry Tree Intervention

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Paul Wheaton talks to Bill again, this time about Bill’s property. Paul emphasizes Bill’s building a berm. He thinks he should build it as tall as the semi-trucks that pass by. Paul talks about how berms can affect wind patterns. Berms can boost property values. Bill mentions maybe even putting a root cellar in the berm. Paul talks about privacy, and planting conifers on the highway side of the berm. Paul talks about making your own seed mixes. Paul would include mullein in his seed mix. Sepp Holzer will make a bone sauce when he comes, that discourages animals from bothering fruit trees. Bill asks about the white worms in his cherries. He talks about the trunk protector around the tree. Paul talks about the problems with lollipop trees. They talk about spraying knapweed. Paul talks about growing trees from seed so you get the taproot. Paul talks about planting comfrey, dandelions, and nitrogen fixers like sweet clover. Paul talks about pear leaf blister mite.
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