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Paul Wheaton and Jocelyn Campbell continue sharing about writing that has had an impact on Paul, this time, focusing on magazines. Permaculture Magazine and Living Woods Magazine are Paul’s favorites. Paul finds about 2 articles per issue of Permaculture Magazine that he finds interesting.

Living Woods is sort of the “Ben Law magazine” to Paul. It has a lot on green woodworking and living in the woods. Permaculture Activist Magazine focuses more on bringing the social activism aspect into permaculture, which Paul focuses less on.

Acres USA Magazine is a fairly liberal magazine that focuses on subjects like GMOs and such, yet many in their audience still monocrop. Farm Show is cover to cover innovation, covering inventions farmers come up with. The Stockman Grass Farmer Journal focuses on cattle. Their base assumption is Allan Savory‘s work on paddock shift systems, and polyculture pastures.

Countryside Magazine offers tidbits of information from the masses, much like permies.com. Their main focus is on homesteading. Not all articles have an organic focus, but many do. About every other issue or so of Mother Earth News, Paul finds something he really enjoys. They tend towards organic, homesteading, what’s a good car/tractor to buy, gardening, country living/urban homesteading.

Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine teaches you a lot about all the contraptions out there, what’s good/bad practice, and why. Paul likes the idea of using a portable sawmill to chop and mill a tree right where it is, let it dry for a number of months, and then come and get it when it is dry and 10 times lighter. Paul likes Backwoods Home Magazine, except skips over the gun stuff. It has a homesteading and libertarian focus. It will have about one article per magazine Paul finds interesting, and he likes to browse the columns by Jackie Clay.

Backhome Magazine is like “Mother Earth News lite” to Paul. He thinks it is a little “candied,” and only occasionally finds an interesting article of substance. Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine makes Paul angry these days because it is sexist. They use the term “farm girl” a lot, and it is very pink. He used to really like it–substance, good photography, good aesthetics, but then it went to: “Women, you are shallow, weak, and domestic. Do your chores and look pretty.” He was originally impressed with Mary Jane’s version of agritourism. Paul and Jocelyn both used to read Rodale’s Organic Gardening Magazine, years ago.

Lastly, Paul likes Small Farm Today, a tiny, passionate, well-researched, organically-focused magazine based out of Missouri. He finishes mentioning the thread at permies on permaculture magazines in general.

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