121 – Natural Swimming Pools Part 1

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Paul Wheaton talks with Anna Birkas about Natural Swimming Pools, the subject and the DVD. In the DVD, David Pagan Butler made a beautiful natural swimming pool in England. Anna mentions Michael Littlewood’s books on the subject, which she is more familiar with. Anna specializes in rain water and grey water. There are two parts to the DVD, the first one covering Butler’s plunge pool, which was his version 2.0, and the second part covering his full-size pool, which was his first try. The water is naturally cleansed and softened by wildlife, so there is no need for chlorine. Another focus is making the pool “on the cheap.” They talk about water acidity, and water sources such as rain or groundwater. Paul mentions Art Ludwig’s grey water books. Anna talks about nitrate levels in the United States. Fish will contaminate the water, whereas salamanders will clean it. Paul talks about using bubblers, or something to circulate the water. They talk about particulate in the water. Paul thinks the best scenario is having a creek dribble in. They talk about temperature and insulation. Paul doesn’t like to have tire parts in the pool. A natural swimming pool would be twice the size of a regualr swimming pool, since you need a wetland area. They talk about EPDM. Paul talks about cedar in the water.
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