126 – Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture Chapter 2 Part 2

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Paul Wheaton continues reviewing chapter 2 of Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture with Kelda Miller, which is talking about birds and poultry. Sepp talks about the loss of natural habitat and bird diversity. Kelda talks about addressing urban sprawl, and taking out asphalt. The two of them address population growth, and the use of cars. Paul shares about birds being problematic in areas with monoculture dominating. Sepp writes about feeding birds in winter when the ground is completely covered with snow. Paul and Kelda talk about ivy and invasive plants such as kudzu or himalayan blackberries. They talk about transplanting vs self-seeding. Sepp likes his poultry to live as independently as possible. Paul talks about training chickens to eat slugs. Sepp likes thorny plants for chickens to take shelter in. They talk about livestock guardian dogs. They talk about Fukuoka-style winter wheat. Sepp writes about mobile nest sites for chickens, and island shelters in the middle of a pond or lake for ducks and geese. Geese are helpful as guardians.

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