171 – Sepp Holzer Final Notes

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Paul Wheaton talks to Owen and John and another friend reviewing the rest of Paul’s notes from Sepp Holzer week. They talk about urban farming and Sepp’s “sausage.” Paul reviews fruit trees from seed, and hugelkultur and berms 3-5 meters tall. He makes the berms like zigurats with extra wide steps that you could even get up and drive equipment on. Sepp says this isn’t just about raising animals and vegetables, but it is about healing land on a large scale. They talk about the social aspect of keeping permaculture sustainable. Paul shares about the Bullock Brothers‘ method. Paul says Sepp favors solar and wind over micro hydro. Paul thinks micro hydro is favorable. He explains about the river in Austria that is going to be piped up near Sepp’s land. Sepp recommends no dead-end visitor paths. They talk about doing what you love and the money will follow. Sepp recommends a path up berms. He says animals do not know how to self-medicate if a plant is already picked or dried. They talk about animals benefitting from learning from their parents. Sepp talked about respectful harvest. If you transplant a raspberry, cut off the leaves so it can put its energy into making roots. With hugelkultur, Sepp gets vegetables 365 days per year. All the seeds in a seed mix need to be about the same size. Melons and squash want more water and belong towards the bottom of the hugelkultur beds.
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