227 – Spreading Permaculture with Geoff Lawton Part 1

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In this podcast, Paul and Geoff Lawton talk about spreading Permaculture.

At the time of the interview, Geoff is in the Dead Sea valley in Jordan. He is near the original Greening the Desert site, which he and Paul discuss along with the new Greening the Desert site, which is now 4 years in and funded by teaching courses. They have a few interns and if you are interested, you can check out the Greening the Desert Internship page.

They also discuss how Geoff’s Food Forest DVD has taken the world by storm. Geoff is in the process of making a new film about food forests in cold and dry climates, with more in depth films on each climate in the future.

Geoff talks about how he was a part of the Permaculture Convergence in Northern California where he did a talk and a 5-day workshop. Then they discuss TEDx San Francisco where Geoff talked about Resilient Cities and the counter culture.

Paul and Geoff jump right into talking about Geoff’s new website, GeoffLawton.com and his new video “How to Survive the Coming Crisis.” They discuss getting the word permaculture and permaculture ideals in the minds of more people.

There are also plans to show some of Geoff’s videos in China, 10 countries in Africa and get some of the videos in Arabic. It is Geoff’s plan to have up-to-date permaculture information available 24-7. It is time for mainstream media to catch up with permaculture. Geoff tells us about how people are starting to realize that there are food supply issues on the horizon and that we need to look at perennial food forest systems.

Geoff also proclaims that Paul is the Duke of Permaculture.

Paul mentions that he is doing Keynote speech in San Diego in March.

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