085 – Greed

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Paul Wheaton and “Jocelyn Campbell talk about “greed,” in response to a recent thread at permies.com, Is unbridled greed and ambition compatible with permaculture? Paul expresses his frustration in the permaculture world towards those who use the third ethic, “share the surplus,” to their advantage and call those who have worked hard for surplus greedy. Paul shares one of Aesop’s Fables to make his point: The Ant and the Grasshopper. Paul applauds those who were innovative and became millionaires, and he says, “let’s go after the dirty dogs, not just rich people” in reference to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Jocelyn suggests that we can’t define what is too much for someone else, and that what really matters is living true to one’s own values. Jocelyn applauds Alexia Allen for doing this so well. Paul and Jocelyn mention the Early Retirement Extreme, and planning ahead creatively for yourself so that you are not trapped or reliant on others. Paul ends with the thought that what would solve so much is if our votes really counted.

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