086 – Symbiculture Paul’s Community

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Paul Wheaton talks to himself. He is preparing the new software for permies.com. Paul mentions his last podcast on greed. Paul comments on a recent permaculture event and why he didn’t go. Paul comments on true community. He comments on beauty being an element that holds community together. Paul says Helen Atthowe is embarrassed by the word “permaculture.” Paul mentions his creation of the word, “symbiculture,” aka permaculture that embraces profit. Paul comments on the abuse of the third ethic. Paul wants to start “a paul wheaton community,” and on his piece of land, he would build wofati structures, and rocket mass heaters. Paul talks about the benefits of 20 people living communally, including a smaller footprint. Paul wants to follow Allan Savory‘s model, doing a paddock shift system. He likes the idea of people eating freshly picked food.

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