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Podcast 590 – Gardening v Farming

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Paul sits back down with Eliot to continue where they left off on the subject of gardening verses farming. Other topics include some of the difficulties of developing communities, PEP and SKIP certification, and another brief rundown on staying on potentially temporary land. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and discussion More information and […]

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Podcast 578 – Permaculture Smackdown 19 – The Paul HOA – Part 1

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Paul sits down with a whopping 6 patreons (Mark and Katie were named) to discuss the ideals that Paul wants people to adhere to when building on his land, although most of this part is talking about philosophy, small eco-communities, and an update on the plumbing at the lab. Support the podcast on Patreon Show […]

podcast 407 – Making Communities Work

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Paul and Jocelyn start the podcast with a short discussion about the previous podcast, Mr. Slappy Finding Joy, and discuss how to start to design a system that works without requiring a “Mr. Slappy”. In Paul’s opinion the first step to solving a problem is identifying the problem and in this case Paul takes time […]

podcast 405 – Review of Wild Wild Country

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Paul Wheaton and Jocelyn Campbell discuss the new Netflix documentary, Wild Wild Country, a six-part mini-series delving into the events surrounding spiritual guru Bhagwan Shree Rajineesh when he moved his ashram from India to Oregon in 1981 and what transpired after the move. Paul and Jocelyn begin the podcast with a review of the show, […]

podcast 396 – Jumpstarting Community

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In this podcast Jocelyn, Fred and Paul talk about the process of building community. There are lots of challenges including keeping things functional, clean and moving forward. They talk about developing relationships in a way that helps maintain the critical mass of a prospering community as well as all of the other projects that are […]

380 – Dealing with community drama – part 4

Paul and Jocelyn continue to address some intentional community 3.0 issues. They start off by addressing the claim that they were locking a “historically” public road, which was proven by local authorities not to be public. They talk about the issues with Allerton Abbey, which were fixed in the summer. They talk about the bounty […]

379 – Dealing with community drama – part 3

Paul and Jocelyn continue to address some intentional community 3.0 issues. They start off with the last 2 concerns the Ants formulated: written rental agreement and not being allowed to commute to a job. They then move on to addressing criticism from 47: the local currency (fysh) being obscure, poop management, the lock at the […]

378 – Dealing with community drama – part 2

Paul and Jocelyn continue to address some intentional community 3.0 issues. They start with a discussion on how Paul can come across as an asshole. They then move on to discussing the criticism raised by a former ant who qualified the issues as “a modern feudal slumlord clashes with his peasants.” Paul admits that he […]

377 – Dealing with community drama – part 1

Paul and Jocelyn address some intentional community 3.0 issues. Paul agrees with Bill Mollison that in permaculture, we need to replace petroleum with people. Paul’s goal is to find a model that will work on other farms. Paul and Jocelyn give some context of the Wheaton labs community and they talk about why they think […]

359 – Homesteading Choices

Come, grasshopper, and listen to Uncle Paul and Aunt Erica dispense advice about pursuing your homesteading dream… Don’t make the same mistakes we have! Whatever you do, DON’T get into having a mortgage, out in the country. The classic error is the couple who decide to buy a place a ways out of town, but […]

298 – PermaEthos Part 2

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In podcast 298, Paul continues his discussion with Jack Spirko, from The Survival Podcast, and Josiah Wallingford, from Brink of Freedom, about their latest project, PermaEthos. Jack and Josiah begin by talking about the opportunity to be an Element Partner with them on one of their farms. Basically, an element partner would find an element […]

221 – Paul Answers Permaculture Related Questions from Eivind Bjørkavåg

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Paul answers Eivind’s permaculture related questions. They talk about chickens and Paul expresses again how he dislikes chicken tractor. Eivind talks about the book City Chicks by Patricia Foreman that he has been reading on the trip. He says how he is disapointed that the author thinks that one can only grow up to 20% […]

198 – Inspiration Farm – The Challenges of Community Farming – Part I

Paul discusses the challenges of community farming, living and working with interns and hugelkulture with Brian Kerkvliet and Alexandra King of Inspiration Farm in Bellingham, Washington. Also discussed are the various methods of permaculture, polyculture, hugelkulture, biodynamics, holistic plant & food systems, energy systems, building systems, management, marketing and future projects at Inspiration Farms.

outdoor kitchens at permaculture farms and ecovillages

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A tour of temporary and permanent outdoor kitchens. Includes cobville, O.U.R. Ecovillage, the bullock brothers farm, lost valley and others. Outdoor kitchens don’t have to me elaborate and/or expensive. Plus, these outdoor kitchens are keyed more to communities and groups. Outdoor kitchens are also a great place for canning and processing the fall harvest on […]

129 – Frugality and Community

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Paul Wheaton talks with Josiah Wallingford, who has helped Paul immensely spreading his evil empire. Josiah gives his and his wife’s update since he did his last podcast with Paul. They discuss the approach described in Early Retirement Extreme, including a waiting period in which they live very frugally. They will be moving to northern […]

Free Pallet House – No Trash Bash Stash House

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This building cost nothing to build. Well, nearly nothing. It is built of mostly pallets. Used pallets. Pallets that would have been thrown in the garbage. Karen Biondo of La Biondo Farm and Kitchen tells us the story and shows us around. It’s a sturdy shed that is used for an honor system farm stand […]

ecovillage with cob, wood and outdoor classroom

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A tour of “the homestead” or “the mountain homestead” ecovillage featuring some fascinating cob and wood structures and wood carving. This eco village is next door to another ecovillage: cobville. Check out the cob oven, cob buildings and there are glimpses of other structures in the ecovillage. A peek at their gardens. A peek at […]

128 – Rocket Mass Heaters, Money, and Permaculture

Paul Wheaton talks with Daniel Hatfield, an Australian permaculturalist, about rocket mass heaters. He is trying to get Ernie and Erica out to Australia to teach about rocket mass heaters, and is seeking some marketing help. Paul explains how he feels about people using his material, and mentions his blog with free stuff for folks […]

cob eco building village – cobville tour 1 of 2

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Visting the all cob ecovillage “cobville” in coquille, oregon. Including the tour guide Ianto Evans, author of “The Hand Sculpted House” – home of the “cob cottage company”. I have never seen so much cob before. Cob homes. Cob ovens. Standalone cob walls. Rocket mass heaters made from cob. Cob benches for sitting and cob […]