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Podcast 648 – Wheaton Biography – Part 2

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Paul and Cat 2 continue from part 1, discussing how Paul got into permaculture, his experience with permaculture communities, how good of a boot he’d be, if Paul would have gotten into permaculture if modern courses and materials were available when he were a lad, and finishing off with relationships. Support the podcast on Patreon […]

podcast 407 – Making Communities Work

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Paul and Jocelyn start the podcast with a short discussion about the previous podcast, Mr. Slappy Finding Joy, and discuss how to start to design a system that works without requiring a “Mr. Slappy”. In Paul’s opinion the first step to solving a problem is identifying the problem and in this case Paul takes time […]

350 – Update from Wheaton Lab and Listener Questions Part 1

Paul, Jocelyn and Fred talk about things that have been going on at Wheaton Lab. They talk about Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) that were harvested at Basecamp and they cook them. They discuss planting tree seeds and how Paul’s Patreon seems to make it worth cranking out more videos, podcast, and articles. Paul and Jocelyn went […]