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podcast 415 – Fall events follow up

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Paul and Jocelyn are at Warm Springs Creek in Idaho. They are enjoying the pools of warm to hot water that have been formed by people stacking boulders around the springs. They say that it has been a mad scramble over the last several weeks as they were getting ready for the Round Wood Timber […]

podcast 414 – The problem with batch box rocket mass heaters – Part 2

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Part 2 of the podcast picks up with Erica pointing out that most people learn only one way of starting a fire and use that for every fire they start. There are actually multiple different ways to lay and start a fire. Erica’s mother used to say “If you light the fire, it’s your fire […]

podcast 413 – The problem with batch box rocket mass heaters – Part 1

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Paul Wheaton, Kirk “Donkey” Mobert, Erica and Ernie Wisner with Fred Tyler and ant Jeremy in attendance discuss Allerton abbey and the batch box heater that is installed onsite. According to Paul, Allerton abbey is now about 96% complete, and the door has finally been re-installed. The new door is approximately 280 lbs. and opens […]

podcast 408 – Listener questions – Part 1

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Paul Wheaton and Jocelyn Campbell are on a road trip to the Seattle area. They discuss and answer listener questions and catch people up on what is happening at Wheaton Labs. Paul starts off explaining how a “glitch” at Patreon causes a surprise for Paul. Paul is very busy, so in an effort to spread […]

podcast 407 – Making Communities Work

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Paul and Jocelyn start the podcast with a short discussion about the previous podcast, Mr. Slappy Finding Joy, and discuss how to start to design a system that works without requiring a “Mr. Slappy”. In Paul’s opinion the first step to solving a problem is identifying the problem and in this case Paul takes time […]

298 – PermaEthos Part 2

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In podcast 298, Paul continues his discussion with Jack Spirko, from The Survival Podcast, and Josiah Wallingford, from Brink of Freedom, about their latest project, PermaEthos. Jack and Josiah begin by talking about the opportunity to be an Element Partner with them on one of their farms. Basically, an element partner would find an element […]

288 – Update from Wheaton Laboratories Part 1

Lunch time at Base camp is the setting for this podcast with Paul and the group (PB, Emily, Oliver and Sam) discussing life and projects going on at the wheaton laboratories. Peaceful Valley Farm Supply is mentioned as the sponsor for a contest ($1000.00 gift certificate prize) where the contestants prove that planting tomato seeds outdoors rather […]

Podcast 264 – Updates from the lab part 2 – rocket mass heater, shipable core, wofati, cob design

Credit: Kevin Murphy Paul gave an in depth review of each of three rmh designs. One design by Paul, one by Ernie and a third by Erica. There was a review  of rocket mass heater of the shipable cores. There is a fire problem in Paul’s box design due to lack of insulation. 3 cores […]

Podcast 248 – Paul’s Farm

Paul and Jocelyn start the podcast talking about the fact that Paul found his “Paulcano”. They then move on talking about naming the farm and that many names were suggested. They move on to describe base camp(BC), how people ended up chiping in money to allow purchasing it and how Paul is happy to be […]

219 – Symphonies in Seed and Soil Permaculture Tour Recap Part 1

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The 2012 Symphonies in Seed and Soil Permaculture Tour is over. During this tour, Paul Wheaton, Jocelyn Campbell, Eivind Bjørkavåg, and Geoff Badenoch visited amazing permaculture sites in the Western United States and met many people. In this podcast, Paul, Jocelyn and Eivind try to remember all the different things that they saw that has not already […]

215 – Glenn Kangiser on Oehler Structures

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In podcast 215, Glenn Kangiser and Paul Wheaton discuss Glenn’s Oehler structure. Paul studies the underground cabin as Glenn takes him on a tour of the organic house on the Kangiser homestead in central California. In the beginning, Glenn read Mike Oehler’s book and decided he could build it then began work on his unconventional home […]

116 – Eco Labeling Recycling Legality

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about some more listener questions. They talk about Paul’s version of a rating system that Missoula’s Good Food Store could use, which is similar to Jack Spirko’s Agritrue. They talk about requesting lard. Jocelyn would love to have a polyculture label. Helen Atthowe uses a veganic label. They talk […]

020 – Thirty tinkerers in thirty minutes

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This podcast is a recording of Paul’s Permaculture Tinkerers Presentation A Frank Zappa quote about deviation gets discussed and how we need to deviate from the norm to make changes. Paul explains where he got the inspiration for his thirty minute presentation. Rocket Mass Heaters are briefly discussed. Paul explains how some of the math […]