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Podcast 635 – 2023 Permaculture Design Course Session 2

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Paul and others are back at lunch at the PDC with JR Magee and Dez Choi, with his big theme being the 2023 Permaculture Technology Jamboree and his plans to extend it, along with some on the planned Freezer Wofati, new possibilities from the well, and a surprise turnip harvest. Support the podcast on Patreon […]

Podcast 632 – Office Cleanup and Updates – Part 1

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Samantha pops in to Paul’s office offering to help him clean the place up, and instead finds herself recording a podcast with him on Allerton Abbey’s round door, Permaculture Technology Jamboree compensation plans, well digging, and anything and everything else in the place instead of getting it sorted. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes […]

372 – Well

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Today’s podcast is about rural wells and fixing things yourself. It’s Paul talking to Fred about the prolonged adventure of repairing the well down at basecamp when it stopped functioning a few weeks ago. They were without water for 15 days, but they did get the job done! It just took… a whole lot longer […]

Podcast 255 – Land update part 2

Credit: Summary prepared by Susan Noyes This is a land update where Paul discusses with Ryan and Jesse things that were done this week: setting up a second tipi, conversations about a well, pooper, setting up tipis, green woodworking. The JetPack people were mentioned; their names are posted in the dining room at BC. These […]

Podcast 254 – Land update: pooper, well, fencing

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Credit: Summary prepared by Marianne Cooper This is the perfect early morning breakfast podcast as there’s mouthwatering discussion about huckleberry pie (a member of the blueberry family) with Paul, Jessie & Ryan. They give us a land update us on what is going on at Paul’s farm also known as “The Land” (TL). The discussion […]