Podcast 255 – Land update part 2

Credit: Summary prepared by Susan Noyes

This is a land update where Paul discusses with Ryan and Jesse things that were done this week: setting up a second tipi, conversations about a well, pooper, setting up tipis, green woodworking.

The JetPack people were mentioned; their names are posted in the dining room at BC. These are a group of people who have made BC possible. The house at BC is relatively new. It is small but will do. There is no house at TL at this time. There is a huge shop, an electric bicycle, and golf cart at BC. The electric bicycle kept up with the golf cart fairly well; it is very hilly between BC and TL.

There are cliffs in an area on the border that Paul would like to use as an introduction to videos. The roads are in bad repair; while a grader is needed, a makeshift grate may work. There are now cows and pigs on TL.

Ryan thinks Missoula is awesome. Paul says they have a great farmers market. Axmen has a tool museum; for homesteaders this is a mecca for alternative energy. There appear to be a lot of beautiful single women in Missoula.

The number one priority on TL is still the construction of a pooper.

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