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387 – Wheaton Labs Goals – part 2

This is part two of the podcast where Paul and Jocelyn are speaking about their wish list for the property. The first thing they talk about is the chateau de Poo, which is a beautiful… outhouse. It took three months to build but looks very nice, with hand cut shingles and everything. There were some […]

386 – Wheaton Labs Goals – part 1

In this podcast, Paul and Jocelyn go over their long term goals and fantasies about what can happen at Wheaton Laboratories (The Lab and Basecamp) over the next several years. Paul has made a list. Jocelyn would like to see new things being created, not just repairing and maintaining what’s already there. Paul wants […]

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385 – Uncle Mud – part 3

Paul continues his conversation with Chris McClellan aka Uncle Mud about Rocket Mass heaters. They start this podcast talking about the Minnie Mouse, who now lives in the Love Shack. She’s a rocket mass heater contained inside a barrel, inside a wooden structure. Peter cleverly lined the back of the barrel very tightly with bricks, […]

383 – Uncle Mud – part 1

Paul talks to Chris McClellan aka Uncle Mud about Rocket Mass heaters. Chris was one of the innovators at the Innovators Event and will also run the appropriate technology course Jul. 9th – Jul. 20th (tickets available on website from Jan. 1st). They talk about the Cottage Rocket, The Butt warmer, The Ring of Fire […]

382 – Heating with less wood – part 2

In this episode Paul and Jocelyn continue their talk about how they heated their house with 0.6 cord of wood. They talk about the things that contributed to them using more wood than would have otherwise been necessary: e.g. no curtains on the windows and the windows not being able to close properly because of […]

381 – Heating with less wood – part 1

In this podcast, Paul and Jocelyn talk about how they heated their home with only 0.6 cords of wood. They take the rocket mass heater in the Fisher Price house as a case study. It is December in Montana and they only get about 6 hrs of sunlight at this time of year. Cloudy days […]

380 – Dealing with community drama – part 4

Paul and Jocelyn continue to address some intentional community 3.0 issues. They start off by addressing the claim that they were locking a “historically” public road, which was proven by local authorities not to be public. They talk about the issues with Allerton Abbey, which were fixed in the summer. They talk about the bounty […]

379 – Dealing with community drama – part 3

Paul and Jocelyn continue to address some intentional community 3.0 issues. They start off with the last 2 concerns the Ants formulated: written rental agreement and not being allowed to commute to a job. They then move on to addressing criticism from 47: the local currency (fysh) being obscure, poop management, the lock at the […]

377 – Dealing with community drama – part 1

Paul and Jocelyn address some intentional community 3.0 issues. Paul agrees with Bill Mollison that in permaculture, we need to replace petroleum with people. Paul’s goal is to find a model that will work on other farms. Paul and Jocelyn give some context of the Wheaton labs community and they talk about why they think […]

372 – Well

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Today’s podcast is about rural wells and fixing things yourself. It’s Paul talking to Fred about the prolonged adventure of repairing the well down at basecamp when it stopped functioning a few weeks ago. They were without water for 15 days, but they did get the job done! It just took… a whole lot longer […]

361 – Tim Barker on what a PDC is – Part 2

This is part 2 of a 2 part podcast. Paul and Tim Barker continue to talk about the plans for the 2017 PDC from May 28 to June 10. There will be 91 hours of instruction, more than the usual 72 hours, and then there will be evening presentations on top of that, so a […]

360 – Tim Barker on what a PDC is – Part 1

Paul talks with Tim Barker about the upcoming Homesteader PDC (Permaculture Design Course) that will be held at Wheaton Lab near Missoula, Montana from Sunday, May 28th through Saturday June 10th, 2017. Tim and Paul will be the main instructors. Thomas J. Elpel, Helen Atthowe, Ernie and Erica Wisner, and Jacqueline Freeman will be guest […]

348 – Permaculture Millionaire

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Paul wrote a post as a reaction to an article in the Huffington Post about permaculture. It is the story of Gert and Ferd. Ferd commutes to work, buys all his food, buys all his entertainment and has little disposable income. Gert is living the permaculture dream; she is not rich, but she would not […]

295 – Solar Powered Homestead Part 3

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In podcast 295 Paul, Rick, Jason, Steve Heckeroth, and Stuart Davis continue talking about the projects they experimented with at the solar workshop. They began by discussing their time spent with fresnel lens. They did indeed manage to get some stuff set on fire but for the most part it was pretty cloudy, making it […]

294 – Solar Powered Homestead Part 2

In Podcast 294 Paul, Rick, Jason, Steve Heckeroth, and Stuart Davis continue their review of the solar workshop. They begin by noting the power of one image on Steve’s presentation that demonstrated the massive amounts of solar energy the sun gave in the last 100 years compared to the tiny amount of petroleum we have […]

293 – Solar Powered Homestead Part 1

In this podcast, Paul, Rick, Jason, Steve Heckeroth, and Stuart Davis summarize the week long solar workshop that just took place at the laboratory. Paul starts off by talking about the skiddable bee hut that teepee dwellers, Tony and Emily, finished this week. He also announces that Tony and Emily are leaving so they are […]

289 – Update from Wheaton Laboratories Part 2

Podcast 289 begins with a synopsis of future workshops.  Please see links for full information as they all offer some different time frames. cost , etc.  There is still room for all workshops. The first is in June (16-20) with the solar/electric workshop featuring Steve Heckeroth (5 days). This is followed by the Wofati workshop […]

288 – Update from Wheaton Laboratories Part 1

Lunch time at Base camp is the setting for this podcast with Paul and the group (PB, Emily, Oliver and Sam) discussing life and projects going on at the wheaton laboratories. Peaceful Valley Farm Supply is mentioned as the sponsor for a contest ($1000.00 gift certificate prize) where the contestants prove that planting tomato seeds outdoors rather […]

Podcast 274 – Earthworks DVD Set Part 2

It’s been three weeks, time for another walking/talking podcast with Paul and Jocelyn! Somehow 14 inches of snow isn’t nearly as CRUNCHY as last time. Jocelyn’s arm is still in a cast, and she’s not supposed to use that arm at all, so she’s really glad that she’s living in community right now. The Kickstarter […]

Podcast 273 – Earthworks DVD Set

Come walk with Paul and Jocelyn through the snow (the VERY crunchy snow) up at the laboratory! Jocelyn wants to walk, and Paul is willing, if they also create a new podcast while they walk. If people keep posting topic requests at, this may happen regularly. You get a sense of what it looks […]