289 – Update from Wheaton Laboratories Part 2

Podcast 289 begins with a synopsis of future workshops.  Please see links for full information as they all offer some different time frames. cost , etc.  There is still room for all workshops.

The first is in June (16-20) with the solar/electric workshop featuring Steve Heckeroth (5 days).

This is followed by the Wofati workshop (4 weeks June 30- July 26).

The final workshop is the Rocket Mass Heater innovators workshop (Sept. 19- Oct. 3. Pick your own dates/programs, see link)

The woodshed on skids is finished and the pros and cons are chatted over since it has been put into use.

The comforts of the tee pee with the rocket mass heater (it got down to 26 below 0 this winter) are brought up it sounds like it held up well (heat output).

The group then takes on several small topics of interest including: the Polaris and its usefulness at snow removal, living in close quarters (and its politics), hay box cookers, the roads and their maintenance, compost showers, Ford Rangers, Tim’s welding skills +, a Jocelyn arm, update!

The deep roots and shallow roots program is presented for those interested in moving out to the wheaton laboratories in a longer term situation.

Paul’s dailyish email is gone over with its purpose and why it is a good thing for you to read and as soon as you get it and how being a referrer or forwarder is rewarded so click here to sign up.

Credits: Rob Young

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