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289 – Update from Wheaton Laboratories Part 2

Podcast 289 begins with a synopsis of future workshops.  Please see links for full information as they all offer some different time frames. cost , etc.  There is still room for all workshops. The first is in June (16-20) with the solar/electric workshop featuring Steve Heckeroth (5 days). This is followed by the Wofati workshop […]

Podcast 259 – Update from The Laboratory

Credit: Sally Chang Five people and five days at the lab. Getting Paul caught up on progress, sightings and other less interesting stuff. First on the list is the POOPER: there are concerns about the strength of the structure and proper venting. Should garbage cans or plastic wheely bins be used for storage. Rafters are […]

Podcast 237 – Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture Chapter 6

Paul talks with Chad, Zach, Bill and Judith about chapter 6 of Sepp Holzer‘s permaculture. They talk about Sepp’s worldwide projects. They also talk about the upcoming visit of Sepp Holzer to the United States in March and April 2013. You can discuss this podcast on this thread at Permies.