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385 – Uncle Mud – part 3

Paul continues his conversation with Chris McClellan aka Uncle Mud about Rocket Mass heaters. They start this podcast talking about the Minnie Mouse, who now lives in the Love Shack. She’s a rocket mass heater contained inside a barrel, inside a wooden structure. Peter cleverly lined the back of the barrel very tightly with bricks, […]

384 – Uncle Mud – part 2

Paul continues his conversation with Chris McClellan aka Uncle Mud about Rocket Mass heaters. He talks about the cottage style RMH. Paul describes a J-tube type system with a vertical feed system. Heat hits the barrel and then goes down the sides of the barrel. It acts like a standard 6″ J-tube system. There are […]

383 – Uncle Mud – part 1

Paul talks to Chris McClellan aka Uncle Mud about Rocket Mass heaters. Chris was one of the innovators at the Innovators Event and will also run the appropriate technology course Jul. 9th – Jul. 20th (tickets available on website from Jan. 1st). They talk about the Cottage Rocket, The Butt warmer, The Ring of Fire […]

382 – Heating with less wood – part 2

In this episode Paul and Jocelyn continue their talk about how they heated their house with 0.6 cord of wood. They talk about the things that contributed to them using more wood than would have otherwise been necessary: e.g. no curtains on the windows and the windows not being able to close properly because of […]

381 – Heating with less wood – part 1

In this podcast, Paul and Jocelyn talk about how they heated their home with only 0.6 cords of wood. They take the rocket mass heater in the Fisher Price house as a case study. It is December in Montana and they only get about 6 hrs of sunlight at this time of year. Cloudy days […]

289 – Update from Wheaton Laboratories Part 2

Podcast 289 begins with a synopsis of future workshops.  Please see links for full information as they all offer some different time frames. cost , etc.  There is still room for all workshops. The first is in June (16-20) with the solar/electric workshop featuring Steve Heckeroth (5 days). This is followed by the Wofati workshop […]

Podcast 271 – Rocket Mass Heater Shippable Core Update

Paul and Erica discuss shippable cores along with work done at the tipi. One of the days during the workshop included flooding the tipi with heat because the mass was frozen, frozen rock solid. The next day, after heating up the mass the heater worked much better. There were many projects going on all at […]

Podcast 268 – Rocket Mass Heater Update Part 2

Credit: Mike Ewing This is part two of a two part podcast in which Paul chats with Paco Wenzel, Zach Weiss, Derek Weiss, and Tony Ayuba, the folks who came out to work on the various winter rocket mass heater projects. [0:00] Paul starts with an introduction of Zach, who Paul say IS Holzer agroecology […]

Podcast 267 – Rocket Mass Heater Update Part 1

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Credit: Julia Winter Paul is here talking Rocket Mass Heaters with Paco Wenzel, Zach Weiss, Derek Weiss, and Tony Ayuba. They’ve all been together for 4 days working on various Rocket Mass Heater projects. The RMH built in the tipi ended up cracking the core and had to be rebuilt. The new core follows the […]

Podcast 266 – rocket mass heater shippable cores

Credit: Mike Ewing Paul makes a spur of the moment podcast with Ernie Wisner about rocket mass heaters (RMHs). They are joined by Erica Wisner a little past the halfway mark. Paul starts off with news that Erica’s latest shipable cores attempt has cracked and they are now doing a post-mortem. Erica is now obsessed […]

Podcast 264 – Updates from the lab part 2 – rocket mass heater, shipable core, wofati, cob design

Credit: Kevin Murphy Paul gave an in depth review of each of three rmh designs. One design by Paul, one by Ernie and a third by Erica. There was a review  of rocket mass heater of the shipable cores. There is a fire problem in Paul’s box design due to lack of insulation. 3 cores […]

Podcast 263 – Updates from the lab part 1 – rocket mass heater, showers, poopers

Credit: Rob Young Paul begins this podcast by explaining the lack of new podcasts and an update on the work that has been going on. A 3 day “rest” period from work was decided to heal up since everyone had been going at such a scramble, scramble rapid pace. Emily, Tony and Jason join in […]

Podcast 261- Residual Income Streams

Paul and Jocelyn talk about Residual income streams, and touch on the Rocket Mass Heater DVDs – Physical DVDs or Streaming and also the Kickstarter for the Permaculture playing cards. Perma-Finances Or how to stop being a wage slave This may be one of the last formal podcasts with all of the millions of to-dos […]

Podcast 249 – Review of Sepp Holzer’s visit Part 3

Summary prepared by Julia Winter Paul and Bill are back, this time to talk about Sepp Holzer’s five days in Bozeman, Montana. Paul feels like he has a lot more to say on the “pond” topic in Bozeman, and some other things, too. He has a list. At Bozeman, there was a big tent, with […]

Podcast 248 – Paul’s Farm

Paul and Jocelyn start the podcast talking about the fact that Paul found his “Paulcano“. They then move on talking about naming the farm and that many names were suggested. They move on to describe base camp(BC), how people ended up chiping in money to allow purchasing it and how Paul is happy to be […]

Podcast 241 – Ernie and Erica on Rocket Stoves Uses and Efficiency

It’s time to talk about rocket stoves mass heaters again! We haven’t had a podcast with Paul, Ernie and Erica since last year, after the GIGANTO rocket stove workshop. After they recorded that podcast they were actually inspired to go out and do some more fire stuff, so they can talk about that here. But […]

226 – Rocket Mass Heater Workshop Part 2

Paul, Ernie and Erica continue their conversation on the Rocket Mass Heaters workshop that started in part 1. They first talk about an idea that was brought up during the workshop to put the exhaust in a greenhouse to help with plant growth. The concept is that since the exhaust from a Rocket Mass Heater […]

225 – Rocket Mass Heater Workshop Part 1

Buy Ernie and Erica’s detailed plans Paul Wheaton is with Ernie and Erica Wisner. They talk about the Rocket Mass Heater workshop held at Caleb and Krista’s in Missoula at the end of October 2012. They point out that it was a great success that brought together many interesting people with varied skills. Ernie and […]

196 – Rocket Mass Heaters w/ Ernie & Erica

Paul discusses Rocket Mass Heaters with Ernie & Erica prior to the Rocket Mass Heater Workshop (The Rockfest) coming up October 26th through the 28th, 2012 in Missoula, MT. Topics covered include details of the workshop and associated events.

178 – Livestock Guardians and Rocket Mass Heaters

Paul Wheaton talks to Matt Walker, who has made rocket mass heaters, and is raising livestock guardian dogs. Matt has a great pyrenees and a northwest farm terrier, and the great pyrenees performs a little better. The terrier is great for catching rats. They talk about barking. They talk about deer control and the garden. […]