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388 – Permaculture Smackdown on Kickstarters

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This is the podcast for the Permaculture Smackdown with Josiah Wallingford, Cliff, Michelle and Tuesday! Cliff Ponder was in the boot program at Wheaton Labs. Michelle was there as well, she wasn’t a boot but she did lots of things. They were there for the 2017 PDC and ATC and there they met Josiah. They […]

387 – Wheaton Labs Goals – part 2

This is part two of the podcast where Paul and Jocelyn are speaking about their wish list for the property. The first thing they talk about is the chateau de Poo, which is a beautiful… outhouse. It took three months to build but looks very nice, with hand cut shingles and everything. There were some […]

386 – Wheaton Labs Goals – part 1

In this podcast, Paul and Jocelyn go over their long term goals and fantasies about what can happen at Wheaton Laboratories (The Lab and Basecamp) over the next several years. Paul has made a list. Jocelyn would like to see new things being created, not just repairing and maintaining what’s already there. Paul wants […]

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383 – Uncle Mud – part 1

Paul talks to Chris McClellan aka Uncle Mud about Rocket Mass heaters. Chris was one of the innovators at the Innovators Event and will also run the appropriate technology course Jul. 9th – Jul. 20th (tickets available on website from Jan. 1st). They talk about the Cottage Rocket, The Butt warmer, The Ring of Fire […]

380 – Dealing with community drama – part 4

Paul and Jocelyn continue to address some intentional community 3.0 issues. They start off by addressing the claim that they were locking a “historically” public road, which was proven by local authorities not to be public. They talk about the issues with Allerton Abbey, which were fixed in the summer. They talk about the bounty […]

379 – Dealing with community drama – part 3

Paul and Jocelyn continue to address some intentional community 3.0 issues. They start off with the last 2 concerns the Ants formulated: written rental agreement and not being allowed to commute to a job. They then move on to addressing criticism from 47: the local currency (fysh) being obscure, poop management, the lock at the […]

378 – Dealing with community drama – part 2

Paul and Jocelyn continue to address some intentional community 3.0 issues. They start with a discussion on how Paul can come across as an asshole. They then move on to discussing the criticism raised by a former ant who qualified the issues as “a modern feudal slumlord clashes with his peasants.” Paul admits that he […]

377 – Dealing with community drama – part 1

Paul and Jocelyn address some intentional community 3.0 issues. Paul agrees with Bill Mollison that in permaculture, we need to replace petroleum with people. Paul’s goal is to find a model that will work on other farms. Paul and Jocelyn give some context of the Wheaton labs community and they talk about why they think […]

376 – How to do a kickstarter – part 3

Paul, Erica and Julianne continue their discussion about what it takes to make a successful Kickstarter. They talk about how to select the rewards, what a good description is, collaboration, affiliate links, and the problem of early bird pricing. Paul emphasizes the importance of a $1 reward to get more supporters. Paul and Erica talk […]

375 – How to do a kickstarter – part 2

Paul, Erica and Julianne continue their discussion about what it takes to make a successful Kickstarter. They talk about the importance of good prep ahead of time, how to set the budget and the goal. Paul also mentions involving the community and the importance of a good short intro video. Support the podcast on Patreon […]

374 – How to do a kickstarter – part 1

Paul, Erica and Julianne talk about what it takes to make a successful Kickstarter. The conversation is based on Paul and Erica’s experience with running Kickstarter campaigns that got more than fully funded. Support the podcast on Patreon Relevant Threads Dirtpatcheaven thread at permies Dirtpatcheaven Youtube channel Julianne’s podcast with Paul about residual income streams […]

372 – Well

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Today’s podcast is about rural wells and fixing things yourself. It’s Paul talking to Fred about the prolonged adventure of repairing the well down at basecamp when it stopped functioning a few weeks ago. They were without water for 15 days, but they did get the job done! It just took… a whole lot longer […]

361 – Tim Barker on what a PDC is – Part 2

This is part 2 of a 2 part podcast. Paul and Tim Barker continue to talk about the plans for the 2017 PDC from May 28 to June 10. There will be 91 hours of instruction, more than the usual 72 hours, and then there will be evening presentations on top of that, so a […]

360 – Tim Barker on what a PDC is – Part 1

Paul talks with Tim Barker about the upcoming Homesteader PDC (Permaculture Design Course) that will be held at Wheaton Lab near Missoula, Montana from Sunday, May 28th through Saturday June 10th, 2017. Tim and Paul will be the main instructors. Thomas J. Elpel, Helen Atthowe, Ernie and Erica Wisner, and Jacqueline Freeman will be guest […]

359 – Homesteading Choices

Come, grasshopper, and listen to Uncle Paul and Aunt Erica dispense advice about pursuing your homesteading dream… Don’t make the same mistakes we have! Whatever you do, DON’T get into having a mortgage, out in the country. The classic error is the couple who decide to buy a place a ways out of town, but […]

352 – Bits and Bobs

Paul and Jocelyn recorded the podcast while they were on the road. They talk about many bits and bobs that had built up over the few weeks they went without recording a podcast. They cover many topics: driving in the snow, changing the tractor fluids, poo-less status, Paul’s cervical radiculopathy, the religious podcast, getting the […]

350 – Update from Wheaton Lab and Listener Questions Part 1

Paul, Jocelyn and Fred talk about things that have been going on at Wheaton Lab. They talk about Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) that were harvested at Basecamp and they cook them. They discuss planting tree seeds and how Paul’s Patreon seems to make it worth cranking out more videos, podcast, and articles. Paul and Jocelyn went […]

346 – Ant Village Challenge Update – Part 1

Paul is with Fred and Jocelyn to record a podcast for us! Thanks, Jocelyn, this is a great idea! (She’s pencilled regular get togethers for podcast recordings into Paul’s schedule.) The DVDs are finally out – huzzah. You should have some by now if you ordered them. The first of the four – building a […]

342 – The Art and Science of Natural Plasters – Part 1

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In today’s podcast, Paul, Jocelyn and Fred review Bart’s DVD on The Art and Science of Natural Plasters, for which Paul was the “Supreme Executive Producer.” This mostly because people supported the Kickstarter in a big way. You can find the DVD at Paul says “Overall, I thought it was really good.” He […]

339 – Hugelkultur Listener Questions With Cassie – Part 1

Paul and Cassie start off the podcast with the announcement that Cassie is launching the North American version of the Permaculture Magazine. She talks about the content and how it will be geared towards a North American audience, and how most of it will be different from the mother magazine in the UK. They mention […]

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