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350 – Update from Wheaton Lab and Listener Questions Part 1

Paul, Jocelyn and Fred talk about things that have been going on at Wheaton Lab. They talk about Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) that were harvested at Basecamp and they cook them. They discuss planting tree seeds and how Paul’s Patreon seems to make it worth cranking out more videos, podcast, and articles. Paul and Jocelyn went […]

339 – Hugelkultur Listener Questions With Cassie – Part 1

Paul and Cassie start off the podcast with the announcement that Cassie is launching the North American version of the Permaculture Magazine. She talks about the content and how it will be geared towards a North American audience, and how most of it will be different from the mother magazine in the UK. They mention […]

281 – Geoff Lawton Q&A Round 2 – Part 2

Best way to establish a food forest in high desert (Rocky Mountains) with annual rainfall 3″-8″ at 7500 ft above sea level. Geoff says he’s getting a lot of questions about high dry deserts. It is a difficult landscape, because it’s quite cool, but still dry. You’ll have to work hard on your nursery systems, […]

Podcast 232 – Listener Questions with Ben Lawson Part 2

This podcast is the continuation of part 1 of this discussion between Paul and Ben. Paul answers Ben Lawson’s questions. They talk about different paths to promote Paul’s work and permaculture. Paul talks gives updates about different things, including the land search and the podcast. This podcast continues in part 3. If you want to discuss this […]

Podcast 231 – Listener Questions with Ben Lawson Part 1

In this podcast Paul talks with Ben Lawson of Cross Bull Ranch in Topanga, CA. Paul and Ben jump right in by discussing alternatives to using newspaper and cardboard when creating a new garden bed rapidly. Paul tells Ben that it is better to add a bit of texture to the landscape and using resources […]

173 – Alexia Allen Part 2

Paul Wheaton talks to Alexia Allen, who is spinning wool. Paul talks about the thread, “Doubts about Holzer,” and how almost all people who do great things have detractors. Paul asks about Alexia’s benevolent dictatorship. Alexia talks about kids on the farm. She mentions Coyote Mentoring at Wilderness Awareness School. Alexia talks about bird language, […]

139 – College Education

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Paul Wheaton and Jocelyn Campbell talk about listener questions and their touring RV trip. They then talk about college education. They balance following your passion with the real world. Paul suggests wwoofing. Paul shares about Sepp Holzer‘s college experience. They talk about debt and Early Retirement Extreme. Discussing the podcast.

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138 – Helen Atthowe Listener Questions

Paul Wheaton, Jocelyn Campbell, and Helen Atthowe respond to listener questions. Helen talks about soil testing and base saturation. Helen talks about “bad” compost, and the positive benefits of adding compost to your soil. They talk about some soils potentially being too rich. They discuss topsoil, and what is good or bad. Paul talks about […]

117 – Democratic Community

Paul and Jocelyn address listener questions regarding democratic governance of intentional communities. They begin by emphasizing three points: First, that progress in establishing functional permaculture systems is made possible by successive implementation of numerous symbiotic strategy and design elements, manifesting as specific projects or decisions, that cumulatively effect meaningfully positive change; second, that a minimum […]

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114 – CFL Experiment Seed Saving

Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about the CFL experiment he is working on. All the incandescents are still going, one CFL out of 3 is still going, and the LED is still going. He talks a bit about LEDs, and some concerns people have about them. He responds to a question about saving seeds. […]

108 – Listener Questions and Starting from Scratch

Paul Wheaton and Jocelyn Campbell answer listener questions. While Jocelyn prepares the questions, Paul quickly covers the “Ban Paul Wheaton” Reddit thread which originated from the desire of someone for Paul to run the Permies forums in contrast to his artistic vision and community building philosophy. Question 1 from Bill who wrote a lengthly response […]

104 – Rocket Mass Heaters with Ernie and Erica

Buy Ernie and Erica’s detailed plans Paul Wheaton talks with Ernie and Erica Wisner about rocket mass heaters. They talk about the boom-squish podcast Paul did with Caleb Larson on heating water with a rocket mass heater. They talk about heating coils, and the importance of a tall and vertical heat riser. Ernie talks about […]

095 – Listener Feedback Integrity Frugality

Paul Wheaton talks to Jocelyn Campbell again about listener feedback. Paul found out he has lots of conservative listeners, which surprised him, in particular one man who had a few words to say about Christianity. Paul and Jocelyn talk about integrity. Paul talks about his kickstarter campaign. Paul talks about his land situation, and his […]

092 – Canning Worms Chickens Weeds

In this episode Paul sits down and has a chat with his friends Wilson and Kya. Wilson and Kya run Pantry Paratus selling homesteading gear. This Podcast was recorded in their booth at the ‘Inland Northwest Permaculture Conference’. It is a conference so there is a bit of noise in the background, but not much. […]

090 – Geoff Lawton Part 2

Paul Wheaton continues his conversation with Geoff Lawton. (The first part of the conversation is discussed here). Geoff talks about the importance of cooperation rather than territorialism–we need to promote anybody we can, and offer education wherever possible. It is the opposite of how you might normally think about business. We want to maintain networks […]

084 – Alexia Allen

Paul Wheaton talks with Alexia Allen in Woodinville, WA. Alexia works with the WIlderness Awareness School, and lives on Hawthorn Farm. Paul starts with commenting on Alexia’s lionhead rabbit. Alexia was in Paul’s Respectful Chicken Harvest video. Alexia was making lichen dyed yarn. Alexia is motivated by gratitude. She is asked a question about eating […]

069 – Building a Better World

Paul Wheaton starts his conversation with Kelly Ware sharing about his take on the portable rocket mass heater. Paul is frustrated that the general masses are not ready for his information. Paul mentions the rocket mass heaters are. Paul and Kelly talk about the pain of “small talk,” and living lives of substance towards their […]

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026 – Listener Permaculture Questions

Paul Wheaton and Jocelyn Campbell answer the questions asked in the “tinkering” forum at permies.com. Jocelyn explains that on permies.com in the tinkering forum there is a thread where anyone can post some questions or subjects that will eventually be answered in a podcast, or taken as the subject for one. The questions answered in […]

Tags: guilds , polyculture , soil

005 – Urban Permaculture

This is from a reader/listener request at the tinkering forum. A focus on urban permaculture. The request in this podcast is to go to my youtube permaculture videos and become my youtube friend. If you like this sort of thing, please check out my permaculture podcast page. Part of what is discussed is raised beds; […]