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Podcast 563 – Sarah Site Review

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Paul calls up a Floridian landowner by the name of Sarah to do a review of her land. Cue “Flaahriduh” jokes by the dozen, along with discussion on swales, brackish water, chinampas, and some on cardboard/newspaper mulching. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and discussion More information and discussion of this podcast on this […]

Podcast 231 – Listener Questions with Ben Lawson Part 1

In this podcast Paul talks with Ben Lawson of Cross Bull Ranch in Topanga, CA. Paul and Ben jump right in by discussing alternatives to using newspaper and cardboard when creating a new garden bed rapidly. Paul tells Ben that it is better to add a bit of texture to the landscape and using resources […]

070 – Geoff Lawton Food Forests

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Paul Wheaton and Helen Atthowe (www.veganicpermaculture.com) watch Geoff Lawton‘s Food Forest video and Helen really loved it. It shows a food forest as they start it, at 6 months, a year, 3 years, 10 years. Paul thinks it is one of the best permaculture videos. Lawton starts by talking about 3 concepts: the layering of […]

068 – Michael Pilarski (Skeeter)

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Paul Wheaton shares about his Michael Pilarski (Skeeter), a renouned wildcrafter, who was his PDC teacher in 2005. He shares about his chop and drop, Back to the Garden which has Skeeter interviewed in it. Paul and Skeeter mention the hugelkultur, which Skeeter explains. Is there anything Skeeter has planted before that he wouldn’t deal […]

007 – Masanobu Fukuoka Larry Korn

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In this podcast, Paul talks with Larry Korn in Ashland, Oregon. Larry was an intern for Masanobu Fukuoka for several years and did the translation for One Straw Revolution. Larry begins by talking about the time that Bill Mollison (the inventor of permaculture) first met Fukuoka. He also relays the stories of Fukuoka’s experiences in […]