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176 – Forest Shomer Native Plants

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Paul Wheaton talks to Forest Shomer, who was in his video on self-seeding tomatoes grown without irrigation. They had just been to a camas prairie. Forest shares about how life used to be like in the area (they are in Port Townshend), and how harvesting was similar to permaculture. They talk about the natural history […]

161 – Design Course

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Paul Wheaton talks to John from the spring PDC in Dayton, MT about an Amelia Hazel video. They talk about how it did not necessarily represent Fukuoka‘s work. They also watched Back to the Garden, and a Bill Mollison video. They talk about Michael Pilarski (Skeeter)‘s wildcrafting skills, and particularly how far a little knowledge […]

084 – Alexia Allen

Paul Wheaton talks with Alexia Allen in Woodinville, WA. Alexia works with the WIlderness Awareness School, and lives on Hawthorn Farm. Paul starts with commenting on Alexia’s lionhead rabbit. Alexia was in Paul’s Respectful Chicken Harvest video. Alexia was making lichen dyed yarn. Alexia is motivated by gratitude. She is asked a question about eating […]

068 – Michael Pilarski (Skeeter)

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Paul Wheaton shares about his Michael Pilarski (Skeeter), a renouned wildcrafter, who was his PDC teacher in 2005. He shares about his chop and drop, Back to the Garden which has Skeeter interviewed in it. Paul and Skeeter mention the hugelkultur, which Skeeter explains. Is there anything Skeeter has planted before that he wouldn’t deal […]