176 – Forest Shomer Native Plants

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Paul Wheaton talks to Forest Shomer, who was in his video on self-seeding tomatoes grown without irrigation. They had just been to a camas prairie. Forest shares about how life used to be like in the area (they are in Port Townshend), and how harvesting was similar to permaculture. They talk about the natural history of Cascadia and the Willamette Valley. Forest has been on a weed board. Paul asks what “noxious weeds” are to Forest, and Forest tells about the unfortunate shift the board has undergone from managing to controlling these weeds. They have also gotten into spraying. They compare Port Townsend to Missoula. They talk about seed collection, and shifting our thinking to more native. They talk about wild edibles. They talk about red huckleberry, and other wild berries like serviceberry. Forest talks about participating in the government. Forest talks about returning to wild living as farming finishes itself up. Forest shares about his radio show.
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