175 – Tree Bogs and Natural Burials

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Paul Wheaton talks to Maddy Harland of Permaculture Magazine. They talk about the English translation of Sepp Holzer‘s new book by the beginning of October. They describe tree bogs, which utilize willows to help break down poop. If the tree bog gets a lot of traffic, you could consider having it be a dry outhouse with urine diverted. You could also consider introducing certain insects and detritovores. Paul mentions the “poop beast” thread at permies.com, and the benefits of using certain tree species. Paul wouldn’t use the tree bog in cold weather when the trees were dormant. They talk about coppicing. Maddy talks about burying the dead naturally at her sustainability center. They compare the process to a more industrial death process. Paul and Maddy clarify some rumors about Sepp’s work in the Portugal desert. Maddy talks about how desert is not just about rainfall. Paul mention the “Allan Savoy Wins an Award” thread at permies.com. Maddy mentions people around the world who are doing Sepp-quality work.
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