158 – Diapers

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Paul Wheaton talks to Kelly Ware about eco-mom-ing, and going diaperless. They talk about telling when your infant is about to go pee or poop. They talk about peeing in the sink. Kelly talks about knowing when to pee at night. Chaya from pantryparatus.com asks some questons. Chaya says kids that use cloth diapers are easier to potty-train overall, but she explains she used one disposable diaper per night so they slept better. Kelly talks about some psychological dynamics that go on with potty-training, positive and negative. They mention about pee being good for the soil. They talk about diaper pollution. Paul mentions the third ethic. Paul talks about Wal-Mart, and who has funded all of the anti-Wal-Mart campaigns. Chaya talks about fertility later in life and diaper chemicals. She also talks about a chemical in mainstream diapers that used to cause toxic shock syndrome in tampons. Another woman shares about her experiences using cloth diapers in a daycare.
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