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175 – Tree Bogs and Natural Burials

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Paul Wheaton talks to Maddy Harland of Permaculture Magazine. They talk about the English translation of Sepp Holzer‘s new book by the beginning of October. They describe tree bogs, which utilize willows to help break down poop. If the tree bog gets a lot of traffic, you could consider having it be a dry outhouse […]

158 – Diapers

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Paul Wheaton talks to Kelly Ware about eco-mom-ing, and going diaperless. They talk about telling when your infant is about to go pee or poop. They talk about peeing in the sink. Kelly talks about knowing when to pee at night. Chaya from pantryparatus.com asks some questons. Chaya says kids that use cloth diapers are […]

144 – Steve Heckeroth Electric Tractors Part 2

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Paul Wheaton continues talking with Steve Heckeroth, who has made an electric tractor. Steve talks about linear actuators. Steve talks about regen, putting energy back into your batteries when you brake. They talk about in-wheel motors. You don’t need a clultch in an electric vehicle, which makes things a little easier. They talk about having […]

outdoor kitchens at permaculture farms and ecovillages

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A tour of temporary and permanent outdoor kitchens. Includes cobville, O.U.R. Ecovillage, the bullock brothers farm, lost valley and others. Outdoor kitchens don’t have to me elaborate and/or expensive. Plus, these outdoor kitchens are keyed more to communities and groups. Outdoor kitchens are also a great place for canning and processing the fall harvest on […]

best spoon wood per skeeter

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Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski, permaculture and wildcrafting instructor, talks a bit about what makes the best wood for carving a wooden spoon. This was filmed at sahale. As part of the washington state permaculture convergence. Skeeter mentions why eucaluptus would make for a terrible wooden spoon (taste). Skeeter talks about serviceberry (I have a hand carved […]

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how to split cedar logs for rails or posts tutorial

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Using wedges, mauls and sledge hammers to split rails. These started off as some really big, sick cedar trees. Useful for split rail fence. Splitting logs for several hours. This video is just a taste. Most of the split wood was used for posts. Deer fencing could use super tall posts that you just can’t […]

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outdoor classroom at bullock brothers permaculture homestead

This outdoor classroom is a kind of tee-pee-ish thing. Canvas, a few poles from the hillside and some rope makes an outdoor classroom for about a hundred people. … update – the roof of this outdoor classroom might be an old parachute! Video taken during an open house at the bullock brothers permaculture homestead.

eco house – mike oehler PSP ridgetop eco

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Author of the $50 and up underground house book is building another eco house masterpiece! This is an above ground structure on top of a steep mountain ridge in north idaho. This may be the sixth eco house built on this property. Some of Oehler’s eco structures are underground and some are underground-ish. This eco […]

Free Pallet House – No Trash Bash Stash House

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This building cost nothing to build. Well, nearly nothing. It is built of mostly pallets. Used pallets. Pallets that would have been thrown in the garbage. Karen Biondo of La Biondo Farm and Kitchen tells us the story and shows us around. It’s a sturdy shed that is used for an honor system farm stand […]

solar food dehydrator / dryer w bio-track! how to tutorial

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A solar food dehydrator / dryer made from a dead freezer. Brian Kerkvliet from Inspiration Farm in Bellingham, Washington gives us a tour of his contraption. This solar food dehydrator comes with a blackened air intake and a blackened air pull. Complete with biotracking! This is where somebody moves the dehydrator several times a day […]

cob rumford fireplace in outdoor classroom

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This is an outdoor rumford fireplace made from cob at “the homestead” or “the mountain homestead” ecovillage designed to replace a campfire. The idea is that with a rumford fireplace people can circle around, not get smoke in their eyes and stay dry and warm even when it is raining. There is another rumford fireplace […]

cob eco building village – cobville tour 1 of 2

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Visting the all cob ecovillage “cobville” in coquille, oregon. Including the tour guide Ianto Evans, author of “The Hand Sculpted House” – home of the “cob cottage company”. I have never seen so much cob before. Cob homes. Cob ovens. Standalone cob walls. Rocket mass heaters made from cob. Cob benches for sitting and cob […]

eco house – shipping container eco house / home

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A tour of an eco house made from an insulated shipping container. This eco house is small, humble, cheap and pretty nice considering how cheap it is. Includes a composting toilet. A sort of “secret” eco house – from the drive it looks like a shipping container being used for storage. Inside it looks like […]

122 – Natural Swimming Pools Part 2

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Paul Wheaton continues talking with Anna Birkas about Natural Swimming Pools, the subject and the DVD. They talk about vertical walls, pond liners, and Sepp Holzer‘s approach of compressing the soil like a pig would in order to seal a pond. Paul asks about the possibility of using rammed earth as pool walls. They talk […]

$50 underground house eco building

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Mike Oehler guides us on a video tour of the house he wrote about in “The $50 and up underground house book”. At the time the video is taken, this underground house is 35 years old. The property has about six underground houses. This underground house was his home for most of the 35 years. […]

116 – Eco Labeling Recycling Legality

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about some more listener questions. They talk about Paul’s version of a rating system that Missoula‘s Good Food Store could use, which is similar to Jack Spirko’s Agritrue. They talk about requesting lard. Jocelyn would love to have a polyculture label. Helen Atthowe uses a veganic label. They talk […]

112 – Trolls Backyard Ponds Local Food Compost

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about listener questions. Jocelyn asks people to change their names to a believable first name_last name. Paul shares about Helen Atthowe. A big thank you to Josiah Wallingford for all the work he’s done overhauling the podcast wordpress site. Message to everybody: go to the new itunes thing, not […]

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107 – Fluorescent Lighting

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about a recent dinner they had with people who had a full energy audit on their house. They talk about CFL vs incandescent lightbulbs. They talk about the quality of fluorescent light. The audit didn’t mention anything about lifestyle habits or changes, like using a drying rack instead of […]

106 – Social Justice Big Picture with Kelda Miller

Paul Wheaton talks with Kelda Miller, who has taught several PDCs and is a current instructor. She spent 2 years at the Bullock Brothers Homestead. Kelda talks about ethics and admits she is a fan of Ayn Rand, the author of Atlas Shrugged. She quotes Starhawk on saying that gardening is the easy part of […]