112 – Trolls Backyard Ponds Local Food Compost

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about listener questions. Jocelyn asks people to change their names to a believable first name_last name. Paul shares about Helen Atthowe. A big thank you to Josiah Wallingford for all the work he’s done overhauling the podcast wordpress site. Message to everybody: go to the new itunes thing, not the old one. Paul explains about professional trolls and his trials with reddit. He uses the example of someone who works for an oil company going around and sabotaging rocket mass heaters as stupid. Jocelyn talks about the media being controlled by corporate interests. Paul asks people to come back to their independent thought rather than just being persuaded by people talking something down. They briefly talk about winter preparation, and good perennial vegetables. Jocelyn mentions mache. They talk about wanting there to be a thread on every plant at permies, including successes and failures. Jocelyn talks about trying to grow thyme in her acidic northwest home. Paul is asked a question about anaerobic biogas digesters. Paul mentions the Jean Pain method, as well as Brian Kerkvliet’s compost heated shower. They talk about backyard ponds for rain storage and food production. Paul mentions watercress and cattails for edibles, tough to do aquaculture unless you have moving water. Need to get oxygen in the water. Sepp Holzer builds dew ponds. Paul shares about his bicycle history in Missoula. Jocelyn shares about Spud! eco home delivery, which she participates in. Paul thinks farmers markets are not the best option, because of petroleum consumption. Paul mentions the local vs. organic thread at permies.com. The original question was in regards to Pedal to Petal, a bicycle-based service that composts food scraps. Paul mentions Ruth Stout‘s approach to composting food.
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