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160 – Growing Your Own

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Paul Wheaton talks to Chaya from pantryparatus.com and others at the PDC in Dayton, MT. Chaya asks why should people grow their own food and support farmers markets. Paul talks about the ability to control your own consumption. Paul talks about “noxious weeds” and native plants. They talk a bit about the goals of Monsanto. […]

134 – Joel Salatin Part 1

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Paul Wheaton and Lacia Bailey review a video on Joel Salatin at a google event. Joel talks about how this generation cannot pronounce or make the food we eat in our own kitchen. Paul and Lacia talk about Salatin’s book: Folks, This Ain’t Normal. They get into topics like black and white arguments that leave […]

serviceberry – best wood for tipi fire per skeeter

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Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski tells us that serviceberry is the best wood for a fire in a tipi. Serviceberry is also known as juneberry and saskatoon. Serviceberry has a freaky deep taproot and is an excellent permaculture plant!

Sandhill Cranes Out My Window – Montana

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For a few weeks sandhill cranes kept hanging out at my house. Super early in the morning they would sing just outside my open window. Too early, too close to my window, and too loud really. Ok! I’m awake already! The music is by my friend Jimmy Pardo. To hear more of his stuff and […]

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Free Pallet House – No Trash Bash Stash House

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This building cost nothing to build. Well, nearly nothing. It is built of mostly pallets. Used pallets. Pallets that would have been thrown in the garbage. Karen Biondo of La Biondo Farm and Kitchen tells us the story and shows us around. It’s a sturdy shed that is used for an honor system farm stand […]

119 – Ingredients Movie Review

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Paul awards the film a B, gauging its value as a farm income resource for those interested in selling superior quality farm products directly to chefs who are willing to pay accordingly for superior flavor. While the film is an excellent permaculture-related documentary, Paul suggests Geoff Lawton’s Food Forest, or Sepp Holzer’s films as better […]

112 – Trolls Backyard Ponds Local Food Compost

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about listener questions. Jocelyn asks people to change their names to a believable first name_last name. Paul shares about Helen Atthowe. A big thank you to Josiah Wallingford for all the work he’s done overhauling the podcast wordpress site. Message to everybody: go to the new itunes thing, not […]

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095 – Listener Feedback Integrity Frugality

Paul Wheaton talks to Jocelyn Campbell again about listener feedback. Paul found out he has lots of conservative listeners, which surprised him, in particular one man who had a few words to say about Christianity. Paul and Jocelyn talk about integrity. Paul talks about his kickstarter campaign. Paul talks about his land situation, and his […]

030 – Movie review Broken Limbs

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In this podcast Paul and Jocelyn review the movie Broken Limbs produced by Jamie Howell and Guy Evans. The film speaks about the apple growers of Wenatchee, Washington, the “Apple Capital of the World”, and actually gives a view on how the agricultural world in the United States is changing. One thing that actually is […]

017 – Food Matters, Cancer, Local Organic Nutrition, Toilets, Water

Paul and Jocelyn start out by talking about the documentary “Food Matters” Jocelyn fell asleep while watching it, Paul says “I watched the whole thing!” But first, they plan to also talk about water conservation. Also, Paul is setting up an email thing-a-ma-jigger and you should sign up (Ed: the dailyish email list, highly recommended). […]