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210 – Woodleaf Farm Orchards

Paul and Eivind are at Woodleaf Farm where they discuss yellowjackets and methods to control them and then they have a quick synopsis of the last few stops on the Tour. They revisit some of the things they have seen on the different farms they have visited. Paul tells of having his first orange off […]

184 – Farmageddon

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Paul Wheaton talks to Jocelyn Campbell about the movie, Farmageddon, which profiles several small farms that were unfairly raided and destroyed. One family raised raw milk, which cured her son’s allergies. Joel Salatin says that these raids were warrantless, and bad science. They talk about mixed motivations for participating in these raids. They talk about […]

130 – The Beautiful Truth Movie Review

Paul Wheaton talks with Helen Atthowe after watching The Beautiful Truth. Helen paraphrases a quote of John Muir’s, saying – when you pull on a single thread in nature, you find that it is attached to everything else. The movie follows a 15 year old, homeschooled boy who is investigating health. He discovers that “science” […]

124 – Organic Farm Income and Cattle

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about Paul’s brother, Tim, coming to Missoula to pick up a cattle trailer. They talk about selling farmer to restaurant or farmer to consumer, and financial motivation for going organic. Jocelyn talks about being willing to pay more for cleaner, healthier food. Make sure the cattle do not eat […]

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119 – Ingredients Movie Review

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Paul awards the film a B, gauging its value as a farm income resource for those interested in selling superior quality farm products directly to chefs who are willing to pay accordingly for superior flavor. While the film is an excellent permaculture-related documentary, Paul suggests Geoff Lawton’s Food Forest, or Sepp Holzer’s films as better […]

116 – Eco Labeling Recycling Legality

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Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about some more listener questions. They talk about Paul’s version of a rating system that Missoula‘s Good Food Store could use, which is similar to Jack Spirko’s Agritrue. They talk about requesting lard. Jocelyn would love to have a polyculture label. Helen Atthowe uses a veganic label. They talk […]

095 – Listener Feedback Integrity Frugality

Paul Wheaton talks to Jocelyn Campbell again about listener feedback. Paul found out he has lots of conservative listeners, which surprised him, in particular one man who had a few words to say about Christianity. Paul and Jocelyn talk about integrity. Paul talks about his kickstarter campaign. Paul talks about his land situation, and his […]

088 – Ran Prieur

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Paul talks to Ran Prieur of ranprieur.com. They discuss Ran buying a house, specifically a HUD (Housing Urban Development) house, which is cheaper. Ran says that permaculture is a brand, like Nike, with the common thread of ecological and systems thinking. He would like to see permaculture keep its integrity rather than be dumbed down […]

008 – Beyond Organic Innovation

Paul starts off by expressing his opinions on organic practices and what he calls invert organic labeling. He thinks that all foods that are NOT organic should be labeled so. If something has pesticides, he thinks it should say so. He talks about his ideas regarding something he calls thewhole foods quality factor. Basically, his idea […]