184 – Farmageddon

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Paul Wheaton talks to Jocelyn Campbell about the movie, Farmageddon, which profiles several small farms that were unfairly raided and destroyed. One family raised raw milk, which cured her son’s allergies. Joel Salatin says that these raids were warrantless, and bad science. They talk about mixed motivations for participating in these raids. They talk about not being able to simply buy from your neighbor, and how many fees organic growers have to pay and therefore charge their customers. They talk about oil and grain subsidies. They talk about how Americans do not have a right to choose what we eat. Jocelyn shares about being a “Bacterio sapien,” and the health benefits of drinking raw milk. They talk about fear around things not being sterile. Jocelyn talks about how people, in their passion for something like living naturally, may become a bit extreme to the point that it is not healthy. Paul says to support the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Paul shares a story about stevia, and the company Celestial Seasonings. Paul is going to set up a political links forum where people can discuss these issues elsewhere. Paul talks about Obama as a let-down, and his disgust with George Bush. Jocelyn talks about voting with your dollars. Paul reflects on what people can do.
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