185 – The Good Road Part 1

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Paul Wheaton talks to Neil Bertrando about the book, “A Good Road Lies Easy on the Land,” by Paul Zeedyk, which fits well with keyline design. Paul talks about making dams to form ponds. Neil talks about induced meandering, which allows streams to intentionally erode an area, which reduces the need to bring in heavy equipment. Paul shares about a bad experience of a group making a road. They didn’t understand what it meant to build a crown. Paul would maintain the crown on his driveway every spring when the snow cleared. They talk about pot holes. The book focuses on good drainage and preserving the integrity and health of the surrounding land. The book asks how to allow the water to feed the landscape and reduce road maintenance costs. They talk about building a road with local, on-site materials. They talk about designing for emergency overflow in a dam. They talk about utilizing swales. They talk about creek restoration and Mark Van Der Meer. Paul admires Ben Law‘s approach to woodland management. They talk about different roads for different vehicles.