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podcast 479 – Dry Land Ponds – Part 3

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Paul Wheaton and Ben Lawson finish their discussion about dryland ponds, then switch to dealing with authorities, giving them correct answers, the value of overalls, relationships, polyamory, social permaculture, cryptocurrency and turning Paul into a cartoon. Ben’s website tantrapunk.com hosts 250+ podcasts and much 18+ content, all free. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes […]

podcast 478 – Dry Land Ponds – Part 2

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Paul Wheaton and Ben Lawson continue their discussion of the creation dryland ponds and chinampa systems without the use of cement or bentonite and avoiding toxins. They discuss ways to harvest water without structures, gleying, fertigation versus irrigation, and the use of plants to clean the water. The Bullock Brothers’ chinampa system is a prime […]

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podcast 477 – Dry Land Ponds – Part 1

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Paul Wheaton and Ben Lawson of tantrapunk.com discuss Ben’s dream to make a dryland pond and chinampa system. All summer events at the lab have been cancelled due to corona virus concerns but planned experiments will continue at bootcamp and be shared by video and podcast. Ben plans a nude PDC. Part 1 of 3 […]

Podcast 239 – Maddy Harland on the latest issue of Permaculture Magazine

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Paul talks with Maddy Harland of Permaculture Magazine and Permanent Publications. They talk about the latest issue of the magazine. Subjects they cover include horses, cob greenhouse, cider press, Ben Law’s latest book, and much more. You can discuss this podcast on this thread at Permies.

185 – The Good Road Part 1

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Paul Wheaton talks to Neil Bertrando about the book, “A Good Road Lies Easy on the Land,” by Paul Zeedyk, which fits well with keyline design. Paul talks about making dams to form ponds. Neil talks about induced meandering, which allows streams to intentionally erode an area, which reduces the need to bring in heavy […]

058 – Review of Ben Law’s Roundwood Timber Framing Movie

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Paul, Krista, and Caleb review the movie Roundwood Timber Framing with Ben Law. Paul says that he dislikes the word “forest” compared to Ben Law’s “woodland.” They describe some tools used to work with roundwood, such as a rounding plane. You make your peg sort of octagonal and put it through what is more or […]