186 – A Good Road Part 2

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Paul Wheaton talks to Neil Bertrando about the book, “A Good Road Lies Easy on the Land,” by Paul Zeedyk, which fits well with keyline design. They talk about berms, and good or bad places to put a road. It is good to put roads somewhere called the “tow slope,” which is also a good place to put a house. They talk about velocity of water and the sediment it can move. Neil talks more about induced meandering, and using it to keep the water in the landscape longer. Paul talks about how he doesn’t like floodplains. They talk about bad “fixes” to rivers, channeling water. They talk about soil content for a good road. Paul talks about putting gravel back on his road every spring after scraping it away in the snow. They talk about road shapes – crowned, in-sloped, and out-sloped. Paul likes the idea of having trees by the road. They talk about drainage and various kinds of ditches by the side of the road. They talk about how wider roads require more input. They talk about “flat is bad.” They talk about plants you can plant amongst gravel, such as wild chamomile (pineapple weed) or Japanese Knotweed.
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