187 – A Good Road Part 3

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Paul Wheaton talks to Neil Bertrando about the book, “A Good Road Lies Easy on the Land,” by Paul Zeedyk, which fits well with keyline design. They have established the concept of induced meandering. They talk about rebuilding the crown in the spring. They talk about drainage failures and sediment movement. Paul says to slow water down before you get to a culvert, and to try and set up a system that doesn’t require a culvert. Paul talks about a way around having a pond. They recommend to not mess with a road at all if it is functional – restrain from grating it, etc. They talk about watershed “preservation” organizations that require people to take their cattle off their land. Paul talks about proper livestock management, and allowing cattle in riparian areas. Neil talks about armchair environmentalism. The book recommends fixing the easiest parts of a road first. They talk about ditch maintenance. They talk about grade reversal, and proper use of culverts. They talk about replanting spaces that are locally adapted, rather than just “native.”
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