210 – Woodleaf Farm Orchards

Paul and Eivind are at Woodleaf Farm where they discuss yellowjackets and methods to control them and then they have a quick synopsis of the last few stops on the Tour.

They revisit some of the things they have seen on the different farms they have visited. Paul tells of having his first orange off of a tree, some of the chicken paddocks they saw and livestock guard dogs in the paddocks with the animals, and how to get through an electro fence without turning it off.

Eivind then discusses the progress of some of the orchards, and Paul tells the story of this kid who at the age of seven developed his own method and ideas of raising rare chickens and then sheep for wool production.

Then the discussion moves to their present location which one of their specialties is growing peaches.
They end the podcast discussing monoculture, polyculture and how it applies to orchards, along with some of the suggestions that Paul had for the orchards.