134 – Joel Salatin Part 1

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Paul Wheaton and Lacia Bailey review a video on Joel Salatin at a google event. Joel talks about how this generation cannot pronounce or make the food we eat in our own kitchen. Paul and Lacia talk about Salatin’s book: Folks, This Ain’t Normal. They get into topics like black and white arguments that leave no room for what someone isn’t used to hearing, using the example of an ethical dairy operation. Joel says, “We’re the first society to view having children as a cost,” and he comments on how having kids do chores is sometimes seen as child abuse. Paul and Lacia talk about the quality of life Joel’s kids have gotten to experience. They talk about chickens as garbage collectors and the ultimate recycling agents, and how every restaurant should have chickens behind it. They mention Joel’s book, Everything I Want to Do is Illegal. The USDA approves eating twinkies, cocoa puffs, and mountain dew, but not raw milk. Joel is not against Monsanto, but would take away the laws that give Monsanto an unfair advantage. Joel thinks the modern drying of grain (compared to fermenting) leads to grain sensitivities today. Paul and Lacia talk about “grass” – a plant you could get lost in, and the prairies as “biomass cathedrals.” Nature can do everything for us if we let it, and very abundantly at that.
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