underfloor heating system with a rocket mass heater

Erica Wisner shows us some of the latest innovation with rocket mass heaters. This time there are two innovations. One is sub floor heating. The heat of the rocket mass heater exhaust is routed under the floor and then outside. The other is heat bypass valve – the heat is the routed directly outside, bypassing the underfloor heating.

The cool thing about this design is that you run one small, hot fire, and it gives off heat for days. And there is no bulk in the building. And this isn’t nearly as expensive as other underfloor heating systems.

Erica talks a little about sub floor vs. in-floor heating systems. An earthen floor in a shed is dug out and replaced with a wood floor.

You can learn more about rocket mass heaters at Http://www.richsoil.com/rocket-stove-mass-heater.jsp

You can also visit erica’s site at http://www.ernieanderica.info

Music by Jimmy Pardo