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Podcast 600 – Permaculture Smackdown 23 – Renewable Energy – Part 1

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Paul calls up some of his usual suspects from his patreons (Katie, Kyle, and Mark) for the latest permaculture smackdown with a focus on renewable power sources. There’s also a brief update on the permaculture card deck, the mobile version of the site, and the SKIP book. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and […]

354 – Saving the World in your Backyard Part 2

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Paul and Jocelyn continue their response to Derrick Jenson’s article and how they think personal change can make a difference. They talk about energy consumption, energy subsidies, municipal waste, spreading ideas and offsetting ones footprint. Paul emphasises that when people change industry will follow. He also voices his frustration at the mainstream solutions are like […]

196 – Rocket Mass Heaters w/ Ernie & Erica

Paul discusses Rocket Mass Heaters with Ernie & Erica prior to the Rocket Mass Heater Workshop (The Rockfest) coming up October 26th through the 28th, 2012 in Missoula, MT. Topics covered include details of the workshop and associated events.

153 – Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture Chapter 5 Part 3

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Paul Wheaton and Alex Ojeda talk about permie swag. Paul talks about his not having a farm right now, and his plan for having a farm. He talks about a Paul Wheaton Community. He talks about making the big bucks with permaculture. Paul talks about husp (Horticulture for the United States of Pocahantas). They continue […]

underfloor heating system with a rocket mass heater

Erica Wisner shows us some of the latest innovation with rocket mass heaters. This time there are two innovations. One is sub floor heating. The heat of the rocket mass heater exhaust is routed under the floor and then outside. The other is heat bypass valve – the heat is the routed directly outside, bypassing […]

outdoor kitchens at permaculture farms and ecovillages

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A tour of temporary and permanent outdoor kitchens. Includes cobville, O.U.R. Ecovillage, the bullock brothers farm, lost valley and others. Outdoor kitchens don’t have to me elaborate and/or expensive. Plus, these outdoor kitchens are keyed more to communities and groups. Outdoor kitchens are also a great place for canning and processing the fall harvest on […]

131 – Free Cycles

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Paul Wheaton talks with Bob Giordano of Free Cycles in Missoula, where you can get a free bicycle for 4 hours of volunteering. You learn how to fish rather than just getting a fish, aka, you learn how to put together a bicycle rather than just ride one. The bike is the medium for community. […]

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$50 underground house eco building

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Mike Oehler guides us on a video tour of the house he wrote about in “The $50 and up underground house book”. At the time the video is taken, this underground house is 35 years old. The property has about six underground houses. This underground house was his home for most of the 35 years. […]

12 rocket stove mass heaters – efficient wood heat

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A compilation of 12 rocket mass heaters. 8 video clips of rocket mass heaters, 2 video clips of pocket rockets, 1 picture from the cover of the book on rocket mass heaters and one drawing from me making a feeble attempt to explain what a rocket mass heater looks like. And look! A peek at […]

Rocket Stove Mass Heater Workshop How To Tutorial

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Rocket Stove Mass Heater – I attended this workshop in February 2009. The primary instructor was Ianto Evans, author of “Rocket Mass Heaters: Superefficient Woodstoves YOU Can Build” other instructors included Ernie, Erica, Max and Kiko. Basically, this is a super efficient wood burning stove, with a cob bench bench thermal mass to hold the […]

100 – CFL Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Paul talks with Andrew Monkhouse, an epileptic friend of his from the world of software engineering. Andrew shares his story of discovering what triggered his attacks. He shares about the frequency of fluorescent lights, and how it affects him. Fluorescent lights take a while to warm up enough to its full brightness. Paul gets into […]

019 – Rocket mass heaters

Paul interviews Ernie and Erica Wisner about Rocket Mass Heaters. Paul discusses the videos he made where he makes a RMH. Ernie and Erica review Paul’s portable rocket mass heater design concept of putting a RMH on a trailer pulled by bicycles. Paul asks Ernie to critique his design in a constructively praise like manner. […]

018 – Review of Dirt The Movie

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In this podcast, Paul and Jocelyn sum up what they liked and disliked of the movie, Dirt. First they consider why speak of dirt and not soil. In permaculture, we love soil. Of course the movie is inspired by William Bryant Logan’s acclaimed book Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth. The movie is full […]