131 – Free Cycles

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Paul Wheaton talks with Bob Giordano of Free Cycles in Missoula, where you can get a free bicycle for 4 hours of volunteering. You learn how to fish rather than just getting a fish, aka, you learn how to put together a bicycle rather than just ride one. The bike is the medium for community. There are many projects going on there too, such as a bike bus. Is Missoula the most awesome bike town in the US? Yes. Bob says it’s easy to bike in the winter if you take the appropriate measures to keep yourself warm biking. Paul shares about making his own studded tires. The city of Missoula has a full time bike ped person. They mention Upcycles, where bike parts are reused for art. Bob talks about putting 50 green bikes on street corners for people to use whenever. He shares about the 2000 public city bikes in Copenhagen that are sprinkled around. Bike education and safety. Sometimes Bob barters bike work for goods. Paul talks about how the folks at free cycles carried a portable rocket mass heater by bike to Caras park. Bob talks about Sunday Streets of Missoula – 2 car free days a year on Higgins Street. Bob will be using the bicycle haywagon with a few other folks soon to help someone move.
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