130 – The Beautiful Truth Movie Review

Paul Wheaton talks with Helen Atthowe after watching The Beautiful Truth. Helen paraphrases a quote of John Muir’s, saying – when you pull on a single thread in nature, you find that it is attached to everything else. The movie follows a 15 year old, homeschooled boy who is investigating health. He discovers that “science” says fluoride is good for you. The film shows how science can be entirely taken over by politics and making money. For example, Dr. Gerson of the Gerson treatment made a cure for cancer by taking a good look at toxins and deficiency. Gerson therapy involves a vegan diet, organic fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, and no fats in order to cleanse the liver. Some toxins Gerson was aware of were mercury in fillings, GMOs, glutamates and aspartame. When he suggested cancer patients needed to stop smoking, he was poisoned. Helen says that the American Cancer Society does’t feel that diet can cure cancer – pharmaceuticals are the cures. Helen shares about what she learned about dairy at the Portland Veg Fest, and how industries cover up the truth. People with MS, diabetes, TB, fibromyalgia have all been cured, including a gal with stage 4 ovarian cancer. The teenager tried to interview the gal with her original doctor, but the doctor’s administration called the police. They were told they couldn’t make the tape as they would be suspected terrorists. The film demonstrated the off-gasing of a mercury-filled tooth taken out of someone 15 years ago, which was past “evacuate the building” point. The meter reads even higher when in someone’s head. Apparently, the average life span of dentists is 52 years old, compared to 76 in the general public. A food engineer was interviewed about aspartame, and all of her tumors. The film talks about vaccines and food irradiation. Helen suggests looking from a systems approach in everything. She and Paul talk about enhancing one’s immune system or agricultural system rather than killing cancer or pests. Paul mentions the thread at permies.com on beating cancer in a week. Helen shares about a conference she went to compared to a large scale organic farm she worked on last summer. They talk about the degradation of the modern organic label. Paul talks about MSG.
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