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Podcast 637 – Cat’s SKIP Diet podlet

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Paul manages to get Cat to sit down over lunch for long enough to get a mini-podcast out of her, along with (much to her chagrin) her daughter and Dez, while they discuss her weight loss since coming to Bootcamp along with other food and health related topics. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes […]

podcast 411 – Foody bits – Part 2

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This is the second half of the Foody Bits podcast. Paul Wheaton and Jocelyn Campbell are on their way back to Wheaton Labs from a road trip and continue their discussion about health and food. Paul is expecting the food systems that have been put in place at Wheaton Labs will start producing at a […]

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podcast 410 – Foody bits – Part 1

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Paul and Jocelyn discuss their health issues related to food and particularly Paul’s recent medical challenges with his spinal cord issue, gout and galstones. Paul says that this is a podcast that Jocelyn has been anxious to do for several months now. Paul states that he had never been to a hospital until about 2 […]

194 – Surviving Cancer

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Paul Wheaton talks to Helen Atthowe again about cancer and the movie, The Beautiful Truth. Helen dislikes the lack of direct communication in the medical world, and shares some of her story with her naturopath. Helen was uninterested in doing radiation. Helen talks about the fear she experienced in the medical world. Helen compares looking […]

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135 – Joel Salatin Part 2

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Paul Wheaton and Lacia Bailey continue reviewing a video on Joel Salatin at a google event. Joel talks about food innovation being impeded by a number of laws. Visiting a CAFO requires a haz-mat suit and shoes dipped in chemicals. Paul talks about how he prefers to innovate in secrecy, so he is not shut […]

130 – The Beautiful Truth Movie Review

Paul Wheaton talks with Helen Atthowe after watching The Beautiful Truth. Helen paraphrases a quote of John Muir’s, saying – when you pull on a single thread in nature, you find that it is attached to everything else. The movie follows a 15 year old, homeschooled boy who is investigating health. He discovers that “science” […]

040 – Review of Movies Supersize Me Fathead

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Paul and Jocelyn discuss both movies, Super­size Me which almost everyone has either heard about or seen and the later (2009) rebuttal, Fatheads. Super Size Me Paul begins with a bad joke and his general overview of Super­size Me, that received huge publicity and rave review, with a simple “utter crap” synopsis. Jocelyn gives a […]

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