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388 – Permaculture Smackdown on Kickstarters

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This is the podcast for the Permaculture Smackdown with Josiah Wallingford, Cliff, Michelle and Tuesday! Cliff Ponder was in the boot program at Wheaton Labs. Michelle was there as well, she wasn’t a boot but she did lots of things. They were there for the 2017 PDC and ATC and there they met Josiah. They […]

376 – How to do a kickstarter – part 3

Paul, Erica and Julianne continue their discussion about what it takes to make a successful Kickstarter. They talk about how to select the rewards, what a good description is, collaboration, affiliate links, and the problem of early bird pricing. Paul emphasizes the importance of a $1 reward to get more supporters. Paul and Erica talk […]

375 – How to do a kickstarter – part 2

Paul, Erica and Julianne continue their discussion about what it takes to make a successful Kickstarter. They talk about the importance of good prep ahead of time, how to set the budget and the goal. Paul also mentions involving the community and the importance of a good short intro video. Support the podcast on Patreon […]

374 – How to do a kickstarter – part 1

Paul, Erica and Julianne talk about what it takes to make a successful Kickstarter. The conversation is based on Paul and Erica’s experience with running Kickstarter campaigns that got more than fully funded. Support the podcast on Patreon Relevant Threads Dirtpatcheaven thread at permies Dirtpatcheaven Youtube channel Julianne’s podcast with Paul about residual income streams […]

Podcast 274 – Earthworks DVD Set Part 2

It’s been three weeks, time for another walking/talking podcast with Paul and Jocelyn! Somehow 14 inches of snow isn’t nearly as CRUNCHY as last time. Jocelyn’s arm is still in a cast, and she’s not supposed to use that arm at all, so she’s really glad that she’s living in community right now. The Kickstarter […]

Podcast 273 – Earthworks DVD Set

Come walk with Paul and Jocelyn through the snow (the VERY crunchy snow) up at the laboratory! Jocelyn wants to walk, and Paul is willing, if they also create a new podcast while they walk. If people keep posting topic requests at permies.com, this may happen regularly. You get a sense of what it looks […]

Podcast 241 – Ernie and Erica on Rocket Stoves Uses and Efficiency

It’s time to talk about rocket stoves mass heaters again! We haven’t had a podcast with Paul, Ernie and Erica since last year, after the GIGANTO rocket stove workshop. After they recorded that podcast they were actually inspired to go out and do some more fire stuff, so they can talk about that here. But […]

225 – Rocket Mass Heater Workshop Part 1

Buy Ernie and Erica’s detailed plans Paul Wheaton is with Ernie and Erica Wisner. They talk about the Rocket Mass Heater workshop held at Caleb and Krista’s in Missoula at the end of October 2012. They point out that it was a great success that brought together many interesting people with varied skills. Ernie and […]

222 – Polyculture Food, Land Search Update, and Cancer

In this podcast, Paul is in the car by himself and covers various subjects among which are polyculture food, land search update, and cancer. He talks about the Bullet Proof Executive. He mentions that he thinks like that author that grass fed beef is the healthiest food in a supermarket. Paul’s opinion is that grass […]