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Podcast 608 – Building a Better World review Session 1 – Part 1

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Paul sits down with Katie and Julia to do a chapter-by-chapter review of Paul’s new book – “Building a Better World in your Backyard Instead of Being Angry at Bad Guys”, covering topics such as Rocket Mass Heaters, carbon footprints, and the growth of cancer in the modern era. Support the podcast on Patreon Show […]

Podcast 591 – Eliot’s Farm Experience

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Paul sits back down with Eliot once again to continue talking about his farming experience and contrast them with Paul’s. They talk about topics such as climate change, carbon footprints and how reducing them brings other benefits, and the reasons why each of them first bought land. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and […]

podcast 400 – Rocket Oven

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Paul and Fred sit down to talk about rocket ovens. Also cherries. Folks picked 12 gallons of cherries this morning (!) Fred’s been pitting the cherries in preparation for drying them (in the super solar food dehydrator – Kickstarter stretch goal!) and he’s going to plant the cherry pits all over the place. Go support […]