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Podcast 643 – Carbon Footprint – Part 3

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Paul and Alan Booker continue their discussion on carbon footprints and how to reduce them, covering topics such as electric vehicles, rocket mass heaters, LEED certification and it’s flaws, refurbishment vs building anew, and food’s impact on a footprint. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and discussion More information and discussion of this podcast […]

093 – Urban Permaculture – Geoff Lawton

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Paul Wheaton talks to Kane Jamison of Seattle Homestead, Lacia Lynne Bailey, and Jocelyn Campbell, reviewing the Urban Permaculture DVD with Geoff Lawton. Lacia uses a paddock shift system for urban pastured poultry, and raises urban dairy goats. Paul talks about permaculture and lawns. He likes the “mowable meadow.” Lacia calls it the “photosynthesizing gathering […]

073 – Urban Permaculture Realism

Paul Wheaton talks to Norris Thomlinson, who lives on 0.2 acres in Portland, Oregon, and has been outside inputs that they have now. Animal calories make up half of what they eat, and a lot of calories come from their bee’s honey. Some sidenotes are that they weren’t very knowledgeable about gardening when they started, […]

066 – Kelly Ware Permaculture Gatherings

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Paul Wheaton and Kelly Ware of the Flathead Lake area talk about Sepp Holzer, and how Sepp is coming to Montana next May, 2012. Sepp will be speaking on topics like: restoring/building wetlands, pond building/aquaculture, mushrooms, reading nature, permaculture economics, and food and meat preservation. Kelly and Paul talk about the importance of aquaculture, and […]